Monday, August 18, 2014

Semana 3

Elder Clegg will be halfway done at the MTC tomorrow. That means he has been out three weeks! Our family gets pretty excited for Tuesdays now. We know we will get to hear from him. This is what we learned last Tuesday.

"Hello friends and family...

This is your long lost friend, formerly known as Clug, Clegg, or maybe even Hayden. Now I am Elder Clegg and that is a bit different! So it turns out I am not dead. I have always kind of just discounted the two years of my mission out of my life. Now I am just coming to realize that I am actually going to be doing a lot during these two years.

I expected the mission to be pretty painful, but it turns out that it is pretty fun! I love the people of Chile already. When we get to go walk around the streets and speak in what little Spanish I know, they are all so nice! I'm at the MTC in a city that has the feel of LA, but is surrounded by mountains that remind me of Alaska. I look out the window and see the Santiago temple. Then on the other side of my mission is the beach.

The Elders that I am serving with couldn't be better! I have made so many great friends already.. I definitely do miss my friends and family from home though.

We spend 12 hours in the CCM.. Chilean MTC.. Then we head back to a Swiss Embassy which is called Alcantra to sleep. Then repeat. Every day. Except for the 3 hours of P-Day we get. Haha none of this would be bearable without awesome teachers and funny moments.

I imagine that is what most of my emails will be about! For example, my companion has some serious OCD. So I constantly bug him in ways like Jim does to Dwight on The Office. Haha I hide his stuff, put my things in his places, and pretty much just bug him and it makes me so dang happy. Haha oops!

Anyways, I would love to hear about what's going on back at home!
Love and miss you all!

Thanks for helping me get to this point!"

In a different email he sent, we learned he has been sick. He said he has been able to still do the work and put in the effort necessary to make progress. We know the love and prayers expressed on his behalf are helping. We are grateful! Here's to another Tuesday tomorrow!

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