Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Underbites 2.0

Hayden continues with his quest to find pictures of dogs with underbites. It also sounds like they found a family of ten to teach!!

Hayden is staying busy with all his missionary duties. He says his cooking skills are coming along nicely. I challenged him to a bake-off when he gets home.
My money is on the Chilean-dog-photographer/Betty-Crocker-master.


I have been so excited to send everybody the pictures of these dogs. Next week will feature farm animals in the city.

This week went by super fast! Whoever said that the mission passes by fast.. was right. I didn´t believe it for my first couple changes, but I am sure of it now.

The teaching is super good. We found a family of 10 that is super prepared. It is gonna be hard to get them to church because they work on Sunday, but I believe in miracles. We have a dude named Carlos that is a beast. He drove us into the center of Santiago to go to a devotional. I have a ton of Haitians in my sector. They are awesome. Less active members are super hard, but I love working with them.

I only live with my comp...sometimes it gets a little old. Most missionaries live with 4, but it´s all good! We get along well! I put in a pic of my house.

As far as funny things go.. Well, I pretty much laugh the whole time here because the people are so funny! Like on Sunday Morning when we are walking around looking for people to go to church.. we get to talk to all the drunk people who didn´t go to bed. Hahaha I live for that.

My sister is driving the truck. Pray for her everyone. Pray for my truck as well."

Love you all,

Elder Clegg"

The dogs...

Hayden's living quarters

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Random Thoughts

We have learned that Hayden sends the majority of his emails through computers at internet cafes. He has told us about the loud music playing, the crazy people typing next to him and the fact that the shop owner can close his business when he feels like it. That being said, I think those situations create stressful circumstances while he is typing. Then he ends up sending out random emails, like this one...

"Hey ya´ll,

I am not sure how I always end up with no time, but this week was really crazy.

I have a new hobby.. taking pictures of dogs with underbites. It is the best thing I do.. besides baptize people! Haha

My sector is still super ghetto.

I am still the only white person in my sector.

My comp is a stud. He came out of his shell this week! Haha training is a blast!

This will go down as the worst email in the history of mission emails.

I am having spiritual experiences! I promise.

I had the worst idea in my entire life. My sector went crazy after the rivalry soccer game.. There I was in the middle of it handing out cookies to ward members and inviting them to church. Haha all the drunk dudes wanted my cookies. I didn´t give them cookies. They got mad at me.

Hope all is well at home."


Elder Clegg

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Teaching the Teacher

It seems like Hayden's role as trainer is going well. I know he is teaching this new elder many things about Chile, the people, the culture and how to be a missionary. What I don't think Hayden saw coming was what this elder was going to teach him. This Guatemalan missionary has a humbling story and has sacrificed so much to be there. Here are a few more details Hayden gave me this week. "My comp has a dang cool story! His Dad died when he was 14 and he left home to look for success in the Capital. He lived in the streets for a long time, never went to school, never had family.. but he got a job in a hospital and worked super hard. He found the church...paid for his Mom to be alright.. saved money for his mission.. now he is here! He is 25! Could you send a package, just for him? He hasn't had one person email him in his whole mission! Elder Baten is his name. I am so lucky to be able to train him!"

You can rest assured there will be a package headed to Chile with Elder Baten's name on it!


This week has been pretty dang crazy! We had a couple miracle baptisms, so that was cool! Oscar and Ivonne got dunked!

I contacted the scary part of my sector this week... I saw somebody get mugged. Like they tackled this dude to the ground and put the gun straight to his eye. Then shot him. Right in front of us...... They were actually like 6 and had nerf guns, but it still looked like it hurt the poor little feller.

I don´t know what has changed about me, but the drunk guys in my sector want to marry me. One told me I was prettier than all the stars in the heavens. My comp loves reminding me about that.

My comp is dope. He left home at 14 to live in the capital city of Guatemala.. like in the streets. He is a beast at just about everything! Haha he is the coolest dude and came super ready! I love what we call Greenie power, because it´s real! Haha we have had a ton of great things happen these past two weeks!

I am just really struggling to think of what to say.. Time passes so fast! Everybody here is pregnant. I am heading into winter. I hate dogs. This dude next to me types like a wildabeast. I want to baptize the world!"

Elder Clegg

A few pictures of Hayden's birthday!

Hayden with HIS trainer.

I'm guessing this is at the baptism of Oscar and Ivonne with Elder Baten.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Matter of Perspective

"Hey all,

This past week was flipping crazy! Turns out that training is a little harder than you'd think! I am training a 24 year old from Guatemala! Haha I am in one of the most ghetto parts of Santiago and he is just like, "Wow this is really nice." So I guess there could always be worse places.

I had my Birthday. That was fun. Thanks all for the wishes and such!

We had 17 inactive members come to the church this week.. So that was a miracle! Haha we have a few baptisms planned for the next week! So the teaching is super great right now!

Funny story... Haha I had to go get my Chilean Identity card this week! So that means going from my sector, one of the poorest parts.. to one of the richer parts of Santiago. Anyways.. I was waiting in one of the government buildings and there were a bunch of foreign exchange students from the U.S.. There were these three girls from California in line in front of us and they were just like. "OH MY GOSH. I hear you have to keep your hand on your phone at all times. I also hear that if you do stupid things.. you get kidnapped." They went ON AND ON AND ON. I was with another gringo elder for the day and we asked them.. "Where do you guys live?" Haha they live in like the richest part of Santiago. Which is way safer than even Logan, I think. We died laughing. Like I almost peed my pants. Then we showed them pictures of our sectors and they shut up real fast.

Haha that was a really long story, but I guess ya had to be there! I love the mission! I´m happy! Hope you all are doing super well at home. This church is so very true!

Have a good week."

Elder Clegg