Thursday, August 27, 2015

What's in a Name?

When I was pregnant with Hayden, Mike's Grandmother would consistently ask what we were going to name him.  We didn't know.  And we didn't know for a while. While traveling to visit her one day, I had a book of baby names in the car.  I said something like, "We are going to tell your Grandma that we are naming our son the first name I open this book and point to".  I opened the book and my finger fell on the name "Rocco".  That had a nice solid sound to it. We tried it again for the middle name.  That one ended up being "Thor".  So we literally told her that we were going to name him Rocco Thor.  She thought that was the BEST name she'd ever heard.  I don't think she got over the fact that he didn't actually end up with Rocco Thor as his name.  Perhaps we should have gone with some of the name choices Hayden shares with us this week.

I'm grateful Hayden is representing our Savior, Jesus Christ.  His name represents love, peace, mercy, justice and eternal life.  As I honor His name and keep the covenants I have made, I can and want to obtain salvation.

Alma 34:15
"15 And thus he shall bring salvation to all those who shall believe on his name; this being the intent of this last sacrifice, to bring about the bowels of mercy, which overpowereth justice, and bringeth about means unto men that they may have faith unto repentance.

"Hey Guys! 

It`s been such a gnarly week! Haha this sector keeps me entertained. Like yesterday in 3 hours, we found a drunk dude and carried him into his bed, some guy shot us with a sling shot, and we saw some dude doing some REALLY weird stuff with a donkey. I just have no idea what to think half the time. 

We baptized Eva! She`s a cool girl!  She worked so hard to stop smoking and be baptized. 

The splits with President were so dang cool. I now know how to testify to people just a lot better! 

Our baptism for this week was named Djoomi!  Haha he got arrested in a drug raid, but he doesn't do drugs.  He just rents the room in back!  Haha but he got out and will get baptized next week. Our other investigators are named.. wait for it...Baby love, Love Children, Fraulic, Nadin, and Ismael. Haha they are all Haitian and will get baptized soon! 

A huge miracle happened.  We were praying really hard for our Haitian branch we`re working on, and all of the sudden we get to church on Sunday and an EX-MISSIONARY from Haiti showed up to live in our sector. He is just calling all these people to repentance.  I`d love to say we`re doing a lot, but Elder Ballard and I just kinda sit there and watch him go! 

We also had a meeting where President just opened up to two hours of deep doctrine with the ZL`s.  He just sat and answered all of our questions about the Plan of Salvation. It was so sweet! I learned so much. 


We got some Glamour shots of our dog that lives behind our house
Some baps
I kinda forgot what else I put in there.. But oh I found a Graffiti that says "Karen".  It kinda sucked, but HI MOM!"

Thursday, August 20, 2015


Elder Clegg did get changed and it's time for him to learn new things!  He sounds happy, but busy.  I guess he will come home speaking Spanish and a little bit of French.  We sure love and miss that guy!  

P.S.  And when Hayden says Elder Ballard, he means the grandson of THE Elder Ballard...

"Hey guys! 

It`s been a wild week! Haha, I am now comps with Elder Ballard.  I didn't leave the zone, but I changed wards.  I`m gonna be serving as ZL!  We've got an assignment to start a Haitian branch here!   There are SOOO many Haitians in my sector.  It`s like a community of them.  So, it feels like I basically just changed missions.  The language block is real!  Haha I am trying to learn french right now! 

We've got divisions with President tonight...So that like never happens and I`m a little nervous!  It`s gonna be cool to knock doors with him! 

My sector is SUPER ghetto again. I've been in almost all the ghetto sectors in the mission. 

Then we taught Lil' Wayne, Mr. T, Terry Cruz, and all sorts of lookalikes!

Have a good week,
Elder Clegg"

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Change Is In The Air

This is the last official week of summer vacation for my kids.  (Can you hear the weeping?)  Next week, school will be in session and that brings changes to our routine.  Hayden is also dealing with change.  He let us know that his new P-Day will be Tuesdays from now on.  Also, today he is awaiting a change and he has no idea what is in store.  I guess that means we get to wait until next Tuesday to hear what he is doing and where he is serving.  Until then, here he is this week.

"Well.. I have changes. I don`t know where I am going! All I know is that it`s weird! I am training a kid right now and President was just like.. All the District leaders from 5 de Abril will be leaving tomorrow. Haha we were all doing SO well!  Pretty surprising!

We had a couple baptisms this week! I love the "dressed in white" pictures, so there will be some more next week! 

We have 6 more baptisms ready for this month. I am so sad to have to leave before they all get bapped. 

It rained a 4 people died in floods.. so that was nice. The only people in the streets were the Mormon Missionaries. 

My comp, Elder Montero, is a beast and he only has one change in the mission.  He works like he`s gonna be AP next change. It was such a good time training him. 

I`m gonna miss the ward because it`s super strong. It made me realize that the church here really is doing well! 

We`ll see what happens! 

Love ya`ll,
Elder Clegg"

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Each week we look forward to hearing from our missionary.  As a family we sit down and write individual emails to him on Sunday night.  He usually responds to those and then includes a group email.  The group email is the one I post on this blog.  Well...this week there was no group email!  We aren't sure if it didn't come through or he didn't send one.  So, I apologize.  The email he sent to me, let us know that he is healthy and happy.  And that will get us through another week.

For this week, I found this inspiring missionary quote.  It hit pretty close to home.

"This extensive missionary work is carried forward because those people who serve as missionaries and those who give them have strong testimonies in their hearts that they belong to Christ’s true church, which he restored on earth in 1830. They are positive that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only church in the world which possesses God’s holy priesthood, his true doctrines and ordinances, and the power to bring people into celestial glory to dwell with their Creator. And so they go on missions in order that other people may receive the gospel and share the same joy and blessings that they have."  Milton R. Hunter