Friday, August 22, 2014

Semana 4

Since Hayden is the first missionary to leave our nest, we weren't quite sure what to expect. But, I can tell you this...there is such a sweet spirit in our home. Perhaps it is because we made a goal to have family prayer and scripture study EVERY day while Hayden is gone. (And this is a big deal because we try hard, but we've never been so consistent.) Or maybe it's because we want to remain as faithful as possible, as we petition Heavenly Father on Hayden's behalf. It could even be the fact that Hayden's service is blessing our family in ways we are not aware. I am guessing it is a combination of all three. That, and prayers from supportive family and friends like you! Thank you!! Here's what our Elder had to say this week...

"Hello friends and family!

My hands are freezing right now and I am typing on a Chilean keyboard, so pardon my English and such! Haha I was just out on the town for my P-Day.. About got hit by a car twice so I am also a little traumatized.

As far as this week goes, not that much new has happened. Just more of the waking up at 6:30 and doing work until 10:30. Hopefully you guys still believe I am spiritual and all.. I don't write about many spiritual experiences, because it is constant. Needless to say that things such as administering blessings with 16 missionaries was pretty cool. Also, going to the temple on P-Days is one of my favorite things! It's amazing to be able to go through with so many missionaries.

Funny experiences are plentiful. One of the Elders in my district is named Elder (name withheld). He is kind of a creepy fellow. Anyways, he has taken up an obsession with giving massages to everyone at any time. You could be standing at the urinal and next thing you know he is behind you trying to work out a knot in your back... Haha if you tell him to stop he gets really sad... So it's a constant battle between trying to be nice and wondering where his hands have been.

On a different note, my most spiritual MTC moment came one night when I was feeling a little down and missing all of you back at home. I got up to go get a drink and walked straight into Elder Bangerter who I looked up to a ton when I was a sophomore. I got to chat with somebody from back home for a while and I know that it was a blessing.

You are all either starting up the school routine, heading off on missions, or leaving to college! Best of luck to everyone. Be sure to update me as to how you are all doing! I think about random people from home at the most random times! Thanks for all the memories guys!"

Much Love,
Elder Clegg

The top picture shows Hayden's favorite teacher in the MTC. Hayden calls him Ruitor. First name? Last name? Not sure. He says that "Ruitor" is the average size of the Chileans he is meeting. Hayden must seem like a giant!

The bottom picture is one we took on the day of his farewell. (Can you tell that I don't know how to do a picture caption yet?)

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