Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Senior Year

Today, Hayden has six months left to serve!  Apparently the missionaries in his mission (not sure if it's ALL missions) break it down into six month chunks.  Your first six months you are considered a freshman, the next six you're a sophomore, and so on...  He references that in his email to me this week.

"I`m doing super well!  We baptized this past weekend!  It was a good Christmas! Haha I was sittin' there talking to my comp last night and I cannot believe that I am entering my Senior year of the mission. We got so sad last night!  Haha it passes by so fast!"

Our Skype call on Christmas was incredible!  It was so good to see his handsome face, hear his beloved voice and feel his tender testimony!  He is growing and changing in ways we hoped and in ways we didn't see coming.  What a blessing!  We love and miss him.  Here's to a quick "senior year" and a sweet reunion in June 2016!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A Change, A Testimony and Merry Christmas!

Last week, Hayden mentioned that he and Elder Ballard would be together for the next six weeks.  I guess one thing we have learned is...change is inevitable and certain while serving a mission. According to Hayden, there was a meeting last week where Elder Ballard was called out of the audience and pulled into the office to work as AP.  He and Hayden were shocked!  So, Hayden got a new companion named Elder Brophy.  They will continue working with the Haitians.  Hayden is super excited to stay put.

This Christmas, my Mom asked Hayden to share his testimony, so that she could share it with our family.  (Thanks Mom!)  I figure if you are reading this, you are probably family or may as well it is.

"My testimony is pretty simple! 

I know that God lives. He sent His son, Jesus Christ, here to the earth to pay a price that nobody else could pay.  If we are obedient and keep the commandments, we can follow the path that He showed us and make it back to our Heavenly Father.  I know that we can not only make it back there alone, but as families.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."

Also, in his group email, Hayden sends his love.  He writes, "Merry Christmas ya filthy animals.  My mom sent me socks that say that, so that`s nice.   Thanks for all the love and support! 

The mission is the best place to be for Christmas!"

Love ya all,
Elder Clegg"

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Together Forever!

It was so good to hear from our Elder this past week.  He had transfers.  I'll let him tell where he will be for the next six weeks.  We CANNOT wait to see his face and hear his voice on Christmas Day!  Also...Hayden says it is getting HOT down there!

"Well here we are again!

This week went by super fast and it was a way fun week! We had another couple baps! Frank is such a beast. He has come to church a bunch with one of our recent converts and just knows everything. Haha his Dad was hesitant to let him get baptized, so we went over to his house and watching him sit there and bear his testimony to his Dad and ask him for permission was the coolest thing ever. 

Elder Ballard and I will be staying together again!  Six months as ZL`s...together forever!  Ghetto forever. 

We walked down the street one day and this old guy was laying on his couch with the door open and when he saw us, he just started yelling, "Amen! Amen! Gloria a Dios! Amen! Alegria!" and waving his arms around. It was way funny, but it was even funnier the next day when ALL of his clothes had gone missing...Let`s just say I will never enter in that house. 

We`ve found some super solid new people to teach, but we are out of people that have enough attendance to get baptized!  However, we had 10 investigators in the church this past week! That was solid. I love this ward!  They support us so much! 

Love you all! 
Elder Clegg

Go skiing for me!" 


Elder Matamoros is my guy! Haha I love the kids from Ecuador!
We went to the Zoo
Our Zone

Friday, December 11, 2015


1. One who exhibits a consistent proficiency at-, or exuberant love for the game of basketball. 
2. One whose person has been fully and successfully established in numerous social circles (esp. one who is extremely popular with both the male and female members of any given social group).
3. One whose status in society has been earned by one's possession of "game" (that is, proficiency at the game of life). 

1. Exhibiting those qualities of a baller; not limited to the description of a person, 'baller' may be used to describe any place, thing or situation.

"Hey there!

Well, we baptized a Jehovah's Witness in 14 days so that`s about the coolest thing ever! Wilson is a baller.
Frank will be getting baptized this week. Also a baller. 

We`ve been real blessed in this sector! People just come up to us and want to get baptized...Which is really not a normal thing for Chile, so it`s awesome.  I`m not gonna complain. 

I have no time! 

Have a good week! 
Elder Clegg"

Friday, December 4, 2015

Waste and Wear

This past summer, I decided to join a few of my friends and try a big ride.  It was on my bucket list and one I REALLY wanted to accomplish.  I worked hard to be ready.  I got my bike fit to my body, I got the proper snacks to eat during the ride and I even got special cream that saved my really! (Biking people will know what I'm talking about!)   

The day of the ride came and I was ready.  I paced myself and found that at the halfway point, I was pretty tired.  I still had 50 miles to go.  I kept pedaling.  At the 80th mile, I didn't think I had it in me, but I kept pedaling.  Eventually, I saw that finish line!  I crossed it and felt absolute happiness and exhaustion.  I felt wasted and worn out.  Hayden is feeling the same way, except he is not just doing a big bike race.  No, his work is eternal in nature.  It has the power to bring more happiness than any 100 mile ride ever could.  His message is short, yet powerful.  I'm inspired to renew my efforts to waste and wear my days in serving my Heavenly Father.

"November was a rough month for me health wise!  Haha as ZL's we don`t have time to do like anything!  I`ve just been loving the scripture in D&C that says, "Therefore we may waste and wear our lives in bringing hidden things unto light!"  I love that and I`ve found it to be true." 

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Pit bull Butt Bites

"Hey guys! 

We've had a couple of weeks full of miracles down here in Chile!  Every time we feel like we can`t baptize anybody else.. because they don`t have attendance or don`t want to get bapped...the Lord makes something happen!  The mission is about to reach 100 baptisms in a month for the first time in 15 years, so Elder Ballard and I are under a ton of pressure to get our zone baptizing this weekend!

We`ve seen a lot of brawls this week! They`re always a good time. 

For those that haven`t heard...I got bitten in the butt by a Pit bull. That`s also a good time. 

Have a good week!
Elder Clegg

Friday, November 20, 2015

Bits and Pieces

Hayden's group emails have been spotty at best, so this week I am taking bits and pieces from each of our emails and sharing it on the blog.

1.  Apparently Hayden got bitten by a dog and had to get a rabies shot.  His story is that he got attacked by five dogs and the Pit bull bit him.  He said not to worry, that he will be fine. Nice...

2.  He is mad at Autumn because she is driving "his" truck.  It has been friendly teasing about it until lately, when it took an ugly turn.  Even 6,000 miles can't separate my kids from fighting.

3.  Hayden feels blessed in his mission.  He says, "We were able to baptize again this past week! The Lord has seriously blessed me so much in the mission."

4.  People in Chile are excited for the new Star Wars movie to come out.

5.  He loves his apartment (pension).  It is above a member's house and they have another set of Elders living with them.

6.  It is getting warmer down there and the kids will be out of school in December for their summer vacation.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Hippy Dudes and Neighbors

"Hey there!

I`ll be staying in EstaciĆ³n Central with Elder Ballard for another change. I`m happy about it. We lost two disobedient missionaries in the zone and got 3 new beasts, so we are pumped about that! 

Still can`t send pictures, but I`ve got some winners. I took a picture with a hippy dude that looks like an engagement photo, so that`s nice. 

Ventura, our next door neighbor who sells some serious substances, had some major kidney problems...So pray for Ventura.  

We`re gonna baptize a couple people next week. I like baptizing, but it`s hard to find complete families to baptize here.

Everything is good!" 
Elder Clegg

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Freakishly Beautiful

In my last email to Hayden, I asked him various questions about what he is eating, his health and life in Chile.  Here are a few of his responses.  

"I've eaten some pretty ratchy things lately, but the worst was definitely chicken livers.  I think that`s what they were. Haha it was horrible. I will be having homemade tacos today!  My friend, Elder Ramirez, invited us over for tacos!  So I`m pumped about that.  He is one of our DL`s!  President also invited all the ZL's for hamburgers at his house. 

Chile is so freakishly beautiful. I've been to some cool places, and nothing but Alaska compares. Imagine Park City in Alaska. 

I`m doing super well. I want to baptize a FAMILY! I haven`t been able to do that yet. I have completed and reactivated families, but never baptized. 

I`ll be staying with Elder Ballard for another 6 weeks! That makes him my longest term companion! I`m happy about it!  We get along well!"

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Not Broken? Don't Fix It!

Here is a little part of the email Hayden sent me.  I am grateful he is so happy!!

"I`m doing super well.  It was a really good week.  We had another baptism of a guy named Manuel. Super special dude. He`s been to about all the churches, but the BOM convinced him that ours was the true church.

The teaching situation is super great!  We have found almost 50 new people these past two weeks. So the sector is back up and running with a lot of people that are gonna get baptized. This change has flown by! This next week will be changes again.. but President told us we would be staying together another change! Haha it`s pretty crazy.  He`s just been saying that if it`s not broken, he`s not gonna fix it. "

And guess what?  We are now on our second set of holidays without Hayden.  Halloween? Check!   The next time we carve pumpkins, HE WILL BE THERE!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Press Replay

If you had a "replay" button for your life, when would you press it?  That's one of the thoughts I've had this week since reading Hayden's email.  I can think of moments I'd like to delete or moments where I wish I had a slow motion button, but I can also think of many I'd replay.  I'd replay my wedding day (for many of which is I never had it recorded on video...what was I thinking?), the birth of my children (except I'd fast forward to the part where they were placed in my arms), the day I finally got up on slalom waterskis (it took FOREVER), and many more times where I felt Heavenly Father's hand in my life.  

As far as Hayden's wishes go, I'm grateful missions are only two years.  I'm afraid I'd need a fast forward button if they were any longer.  I think most Missionary Moms would agree!


I`m doing super well!  We worked way hard this last week and the sector is back up and running. We also had interviews with President and he said that Ballard and I would be staying together for another change. So that`s good news! 

We've been having the usual ghetto experiences. I had a little, tiny greenie with me in divisions this week and he got scared after some gunshots. Such a cute little guy! Haha I always see the greenies and think how much I would give to be in their place...I love the mission! I`d kill to press replay. Haha it`s passing by so fast! 

We went to the temple as a Stake activity with new converts. It was SOOO cool to see all of the fruits we`ve had in the temple. Such a big activity. It`s been such a blessing to work in one of the functional stakes in Chile. 

Haitians are still dope. Chileans are still funny. The Peruvians are still very interesting. 

Elder Clegg

Life in EstaciĆ³n Central...(Central Station) Is rolling."

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Good Problem to Have

There are lots of "good problems to have" in life.  For example, leftover Halloween candy, everyone wanting to sit by you at lunch, or choosing between three favorite pairs of jeans.  (Still waiting to find that one pair.)  Hayden has found a good problem to have.  He describes it best.

Hey Guys,

Well...I haven't written a group email in a while! Haha but we`re all good! 

This past Sunday was lame, because it was the first Sunday in a while that we haven`t baptized. Whatever!  Haha! 

We've been looking for lots of "new's" because our investigators have been baptized...It`s a good problem to have!  

We find like 20 new investigators every week, but the majority of them don`t want to progress, so we don`t ever pass by again. Right now we`ve got Pablo...recovering from a cocaine addiction. French Love...Haitian., Jess...Hatian, Michael and his family...Beasts!  We teach a ton. 

Today we went to the temple. It was fun. I like the temple. It`s in the rich part of Santiago. So it`s kinda nice to escape the ghetto! 

Have a good week! 

Elder Clegg

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


In my last email to Hayden, I asked him about the group emails.  He says his time on the computer is used up with ZL responsibilities.  He also mentioned that he'll try to throw one in when he can.

Hayden is content.  In fact, I don't think he has been more at peace in his life than now.  He loves seeing the miracles that come from serving our Heavenly Father.  In his email to me, he writes, "We had a miracle baptism of a really cool lady! She was so prepared for the gospel and just received everything. Her son took his life and so she really stuck to the plan of salvation. She talked to us because we looked happy when we knocked her that's why she let us in. Before the mission, I thought being funny and doing dumb things was being happy...(well, skiing is being happy), but now I realize that just being content and loving what you're doing is the real source!"

I miss this boy of ours more than ever, but knowing he is content, makes me content.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fear of the Font

So no group email again this week.  It could be due to a couple reasons.

1.  His time on the computer is being used up with his other responsibilities.
2.  The group email didn't send.  (This has happened multiple times with our personal emails.)
3.  He likes to torture us and keep us guessing.

He did share his favorite missionary scripture with me.  He says that he gets pumped every time he reads this one...Alma 29:1-2

O that I were an angel, and could have the wish of mine heart, that I might go forth and speak with the trump of God, with a voice to shake the earth, and cry repentance unto every people!
 Yea, I would declare unto every soul, as with the voice of thunder, repentance and the plan of redemption, that they should repent and come unto our God, that there might not be more sorrow upon all the face of the earth.

I also know he had a couple of baptisms this week.  He said sometimes people are super afraid of going down in the water and it ends up being an interesting baptism. I guess one of the week's baptisms qualified as that scenario.  What a sacrifice for that sweet new member!  If you were to tell me that I had to go down in a font full of snakes, I'd REALLY have to have some serious faith!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Understanding the Plan

Hayden didn't write a group email this week.  He mentioned that some of his email time is spent doing  Zone Leader responsibilities, so he doesn't always have time to send out a group one. Instead, I'll share a few lines from the email he sent me. (That's nice of me to share, isn't it?)  In my email, I asked Hayden how he handles investigators who are angry at God for circumstances in their lives.  I loved his response.  I ALWAYS need a reminder of these things, especially when life gets tough.

"An investigator who is mad at God for wronging them doesn't really understand who God is and that he has a plan for us. They don`t understand the Plan of Salvation and why God would give us trials... They don't understand that he as a Father gave his only son to be sacrificed by the world.. You just have to help people to understand. Rely on the scriptures!"

“The great plan of salvation is a theme which ought to occupy our strict attention, and be regarded as one of heaven’s best gifts to mankind.”
Joseph Smith

Saturday, September 19, 2015


As I was driving home Wednesday evening, I heard my phone buzz.  I waited until I was stopped (see, Autumn?... I was being a safe driver) and looked at the text.  It was my good friend asking if Hayden was okay after the earthquake in Chile that evening.  I wanted to puke.  I got home, found Mike and asked him if he had heard about the earthquake.  He had not.  We got online and started reading the reports.  We had no idea how far reaching the damage would be for an 8.3 earthquake.  So we waited, watched the news and we prayed.  I was able to feel a sense of peace when I went to bed that night.  I wasn't panicked, just completely unsettled.  
The next morning, we awoke to read more reports.  The earthquake occurred about 140 miles northwest of Hayden, but the damage was widespread.  In my search for information, I came across a Facebook post written by Hayden's Mission President's wife (BLESS HER!!).  She reported that all the missionaries in their mission were safe and accounted for.  Another post from a fellow missionary mother related the news that the Mission President had given his missionaries 15 minutes that day to email home and assure their families.  I must have checked my email every five minutes until Hayden checked in.  Finally he did.  He was upbeat and even cracking jokes.  That's Hayden for you...

"It picked me up and shook me like a dog!"  Name the movie, LOL. 

Haha don`t worry.  I`m completely fine, but love that I get to check in with you!

I can say I survived the biggest earthquake of the year so far... Haha! 

Love you all,

Elder Clegg

In his email to me, he asked if I had already called the Mission President.  (No, thank you, I did not. But...I thought about it.)   In his email to Mike, Hayden mentioned that he was on splits with another missionary when the earthquake hit.  They were walking in the street and definitely felt it.  Elder Ballard, Hayden's current companion, would later report that back in the Haitian sector, those people were completely stressed and frantic.  I think many of them had lived through the huge earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010. Please include the people of Chile in your prayers.  They need it.

P.S.  If you are wondering, the movie quote came from Monsters, Inc.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Independence and Oranges

"On September 18, 1810, Chile broke from Spanish rule, declaring their independence. This declaration eventually led to over a decade of violence and warring which did not end until the last royalist stronghold fell in 1826. September 18 is celebrated in Chile as Independence Day."

Hayden seems to believe it is a day for many people to get drunk.  I'm sure there are plenty of people who know how to celebrate without the use of alcohol.  However they choose to celebrate it, I hope the people down there have a wonderful day!  
Here's Hayden...

"The 18th of September is like a huge holiday down here. So everybody gets real drunk and that`s about it! 

I had a bunch of sweet zone activities.  We did some service...had a BBQ, but the Hermanas who were were assigned to bring plates, cups and such forgot!  So...we ate it all with our hands!!   We are HARD CORE down here in Chile. 

We had some super crazy lessons, like I was bawling at least 1 time every day this week. These people are so humble, but so great. Like we show up to this guy's house who has NO money.  His name's Joseph.  He`s Haitian and was baptized a while ago. He didn't eat for like 2 days so he could have enough money to buy a little bag to put his scriptures in.  When he showed up with it all proud, Elder Ballard and I were just soo humbled.  Or another time we finish a lesson with somebody who has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and she just brings us an orange to share and she`s like..."It`s all I've got"... best orange I`ve ever had. It had me so SAD! I just want to help these people.  However, it`s amazing how the gospel changes their lives!  We`re all so blessed up there in the USA. 

Love all you guys! 
Elder Clegg

Ugly Dog"

Thursday, September 10, 2015

A Room with a View

When Hayden looks out his study room window, this is what is there...

But I don't think that is what he sees.  Instead, I think he sees a place, people and culture he has grown to love. A place he calls home for now.  A place, people and culture that can have hearts transformed as they listen to the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Hayden talks about that transformation power this week.

"Real fast.. 

Found Pablo looking for crack and cigs on the ground.. told him to stomp on his cigs and we took him to church. He dropped all of his addictions.. changed completely and will be getting baptized! 

The Hatian branch is coming along! We were in the South American church news.. SO that was cool!

We had 14 Haitians come to church!  It was sweet. 

Here`s some pics. 

Nogales.. My sector.

Just me with the 2013 THUNDER. Westbrook, Durant, and well.. Harden.  Haha!"

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Carpet Guy

Hayden didn't send a group email this week, but I still have plenty to share!

Two weeks ago, Mike got an email from Hayden saying that his ATM card had been eaten by the machine while getting money out.  (Perhaps the card had expired.)  He asked about a replacement card and how in the world would he get it fast enough.   Here's where the story gets good and you can see Heavenly Father's hand...

1.  We had just received his new card in the mail the prior week.  (Which makes me think it had expired.)
2.  We wondered how we would get it to him in a timely and safe manner.
3.  A few days later, a good friend reminded us that her Dad was going to Santiago that weekend to lay carpet in the temple and he was willing to deliver a package to Hayden.
4.  We got a package together for him and included the ATM card.
5.  The "carpet guy" left on Saturday and made it to Santiago in time to attend HAYDEN'S WARD!
6.  He delivered the package for us, gave him love from home and sent pictures and updates.  We got to see Hayden in "real time"!!
7.  Hayden had been sick a lot of the week and it was just the blessing he needed.
8.  Our hearts are full of gratitude to this family for the service they have given our family.  Thank you Carpet Guy!

“God does notice us, and he watches over us. But it is usually through another person that he meets our needs. Therefore, it is vital that we serve each other.”
President Spencer W. Kimball

Here are the photos that they took while at church.  The numbers in the corner of the pictures simply mean that we took them off Snapchat.  If you don't know what that is, ask a teenager.  The last picture is a duplicate of the first one...I just wanted to see that happy face a bit closer.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

What's in a Name?

When I was pregnant with Hayden, Mike's Grandmother would consistently ask what we were going to name him.  We didn't know.  And we didn't know for a while. While traveling to visit her one day, I had a book of baby names in the car.  I said something like, "We are going to tell your Grandma that we are naming our son the first name I open this book and point to".  I opened the book and my finger fell on the name "Rocco".  That had a nice solid sound to it. We tried it again for the middle name.  That one ended up being "Thor".  So we literally told her that we were going to name him Rocco Thor.  She thought that was the BEST name she'd ever heard.  I don't think she got over the fact that he didn't actually end up with Rocco Thor as his name.  Perhaps we should have gone with some of the name choices Hayden shares with us this week.

I'm grateful Hayden is representing our Savior, Jesus Christ.  His name represents love, peace, mercy, justice and eternal life.  As I honor His name and keep the covenants I have made, I can and want to obtain salvation.

Alma 34:15
"15 And thus he shall bring salvation to all those who shall believe on his name; this being the intent of this last sacrifice, to bring about the bowels of mercy, which overpowereth justice, and bringeth about means unto men that they may have faith unto repentance.

"Hey Guys! 

It`s been such a gnarly week! Haha this sector keeps me entertained. Like yesterday in 3 hours, we found a drunk dude and carried him into his bed, some guy shot us with a sling shot, and we saw some dude doing some REALLY weird stuff with a donkey. I just have no idea what to think half the time. 

We baptized Eva! She`s a cool girl!  She worked so hard to stop smoking and be baptized. 

The splits with President were so dang cool. I now know how to testify to people just a lot better! 

Our baptism for this week was named Djoomi!  Haha he got arrested in a drug raid, but he doesn't do drugs.  He just rents the room in back!  Haha but he got out and will get baptized next week. Our other investigators are named.. wait for it...Baby love, Love Children, Fraulic, Nadin, and Ismael. Haha they are all Haitian and will get baptized soon! 

A huge miracle happened.  We were praying really hard for our Haitian branch we`re working on, and all of the sudden we get to church on Sunday and an EX-MISSIONARY from Haiti showed up to live in our sector. He is just calling all these people to repentance.  I`d love to say we`re doing a lot, but Elder Ballard and I just kinda sit there and watch him go! 

We also had a meeting where President just opened up to two hours of deep doctrine with the ZL`s.  He just sat and answered all of our questions about the Plan of Salvation. It was so sweet! I learned so much. 


We got some Glamour shots of our dog that lives behind our house
Some baps
I kinda forgot what else I put in there.. But oh I found a Graffiti that says "Karen".  It kinda sucked, but HI MOM!"

Thursday, August 20, 2015


Elder Clegg did get changed and it's time for him to learn new things!  He sounds happy, but busy.  I guess he will come home speaking Spanish and a little bit of French.  We sure love and miss that guy!  

P.S.  And when Hayden says Elder Ballard, he means the grandson of THE Elder Ballard...

"Hey guys! 

It`s been a wild week! Haha, I am now comps with Elder Ballard.  I didn't leave the zone, but I changed wards.  I`m gonna be serving as ZL!  We've got an assignment to start a Haitian branch here!   There are SOOO many Haitians in my sector.  It`s like a community of them.  So, it feels like I basically just changed missions.  The language block is real!  Haha I am trying to learn french right now! 

We've got divisions with President tonight...So that like never happens and I`m a little nervous!  It`s gonna be cool to knock doors with him! 

My sector is SUPER ghetto again. I've been in almost all the ghetto sectors in the mission. 

Then we taught Lil' Wayne, Mr. T, Terry Cruz, and all sorts of lookalikes!

Have a good week,
Elder Clegg"

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Change Is In The Air

This is the last official week of summer vacation for my kids.  (Can you hear the weeping?)  Next week, school will be in session and that brings changes to our routine.  Hayden is also dealing with change.  He let us know that his new P-Day will be Tuesdays from now on.  Also, today he is awaiting a change and he has no idea what is in store.  I guess that means we get to wait until next Tuesday to hear what he is doing and where he is serving.  Until then, here he is this week.

"Well.. I have changes. I don`t know where I am going! All I know is that it`s weird! I am training a kid right now and President was just like.. All the District leaders from 5 de Abril will be leaving tomorrow. Haha we were all doing SO well!  Pretty surprising!

We had a couple baptisms this week! I love the "dressed in white" pictures, so there will be some more next week! 

We have 6 more baptisms ready for this month. I am so sad to have to leave before they all get bapped. 

It rained a 4 people died in floods.. so that was nice. The only people in the streets were the Mormon Missionaries. 

My comp, Elder Montero, is a beast and he only has one change in the mission.  He works like he`s gonna be AP next change. It was such a good time training him. 

I`m gonna miss the ward because it`s super strong. It made me realize that the church here really is doing well! 

We`ll see what happens! 

Love ya`ll,
Elder Clegg"

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Each week we look forward to hearing from our missionary.  As a family we sit down and write individual emails to him on Sunday night.  He usually responds to those and then includes a group email.  The group email is the one I post on this blog.  Well...this week there was no group email!  We aren't sure if it didn't come through or he didn't send one.  So, I apologize.  The email he sent to me, let us know that he is healthy and happy.  And that will get us through another week.

For this week, I found this inspiring missionary quote.  It hit pretty close to home.

"This extensive missionary work is carried forward because those people who serve as missionaries and those who give them have strong testimonies in their hearts that they belong to Christ’s true church, which he restored on earth in 1830. They are positive that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only church in the world which possesses God’s holy priesthood, his true doctrines and ordinances, and the power to bring people into celestial glory to dwell with their Creator. And so they go on missions in order that other people may receive the gospel and share the same joy and blessings that they have."  Milton R. Hunter

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


31,536,000 seconds.  525,949.2 minutes.  365 days.  12 months.  1/10 of a decade.  One year.
That's how long our missionary has been out!  We are thrilled to hear he is happy and loving the work.  Happy Halfway Day to you Elder Clegg!  We love and miss you!  

"Hey ya`ll! 

1 year ago I left my house...Alright there ya have it. 

This was the best week of my mission! Our zone had a white night! We broke the record for most baptisms in a month in the last 10 years.. because before they baptized like 1,000`s.. but that was like 50 years ago. (Slight exaggeration.) 

We went on divisions with Super Greenies.. The type that haven`t even left the MTC. We took them to a "hood" part.. It was a little intense for the drum major of TIMPVIEW. We got him to do a baptisimal invite.. but the dude just started laughing and left the room.. I don`t miss those days of not being able to talk. 

Bryan was one of our baptisms.. we found him 15 days ago. He went from nothing to baptized so fast!  He was SO prepared. Now the rest of his family is getting baptized. 

That`s all! 

Elder Clegg


Fat Cat
Our apartment
Fount cleaning
Our sector"