Saturday, January 31, 2015


Fascinating facts about the number 6...

6 is the smallest positive integer which is neither a square number nor a prime number.
6 babies delivered in one birth are sextuplets.
God created man on the 6th day.
There are 6 strings on a guitar.
6 is the number of points received for a touchdown.
Any one of us is only about 6 acquaintances away from anyone else in the world.
The "sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep's sick" is said to be the hardest tongue twister in English.
A group of 6 musicians is called a sextet.
The atomic number of carbon is 6.
Insects have 6 legs.
"Six geese a-laying" were given as a present on the sixth day in the popular Christmas carol, "The Twelve Days of Christmas".
In baseball, 6 represents the shortstop's position.


I have no idea how I have already been out so long, but like that´s pretty cool! Haha

Experience #234987:

We were sitting there talking to this old dude and he is SUPER Catholic. We were only in there for like 7 minutes, but within this 7 minutes, like 5 drugged out dudes came to his door asking for his son.. I would imagine that he makes some great brownies.. But the last dude that came got real ticked when he wasn´t there and punched the old dude's car and started screaming! I stood up, to try get him to go away.. but this Old Guy!!! It was super clutch.. or I mean crutch.. because he grabbed his crutch and started using his Priest authority to cast him out. "Get away from here Satan!" "I Command you to Hel.." and all sorts of things like that. Haha I was way more scared of the Catholic guy!

As far as teaching goes.. I am still in one of the statistically worst wards in the world.. 1,400 members and 30 that go. Haha so we work a lot trying to reactivate and help people go! We have Martina, Oscar, Ivonne, Manuel, and Pedro that should be getting baptized soon!

I absolutely love this place. The people are so freaking humble. A mission is cool because we get to be the good in a place where there is a lot of bad.. and people respect that! Haha

One day this week.. I had what many call.. The six month slump.. We just weren´t having much happen and working way hard, but when I got back to the house.. I was kinda down! So I gave myself the slap. The slap is when you sit in a room by yourself and listen to "The First Great Commandment" by Elder Holland. You should all try it! Haha

The Church is true. No doubts there!

Elder Clegg


The nice part is where I live.. I have to walk a half hour to get there!

The part that is obviously not as nice is where I work. It´s really humble. Chile is weird. You can go from Mercedes to nothing. Just depends on what side of the freeway you are on."

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Good in the Hood

It's been a long week at the Clegg Ranch. We have been worried about Hayden and his new area. We are praying mightily that he will be protected and serve well. It was a blessing to receive this email and know he is feeling a bit more settled. In his email to me, he mentioned that his apartment is not in his new sector. He walks about a half hour to and from his apartment each day to work in Diagonal. I hope he continues to see the blessings from being there!

"Like the subject line says, It´s all good in the hood.

I was freaking scared to come here, but now.. I know it´s exactly where I need to be! It is really weird because it feels like I am in a dream the whole time and it weirds me out!

Like Ochagavia is pretty dang cool, but you know you have a hard sector when you're sent to Ochagavia and everybody in the zone is like OHHHHH DIAGONAL. Haha Diagonal is the name of my sector! Let´s just say that the people here don´t see many 6´3" white boys walking around..

Elder Fernandez is my new comp and a real different feller! Haha he loves classical music and nerf guns.. so that is great. He also wants to be in the military and can only do 1 pushup. Nice to know I am protected. Like he loves nerf guns! I was in the shower and I came out and he had gotten into my suitcase and found my nerf gun.. He shot me and said, "Soy un fanatico de armas de nerf." Which translates to, "I am a fan of nerf guns". Patience is a really cool thing that I am learning lots of.

However, Leslie, Jampier, and Hector got baptized on Saturday! It was so cool to be part of their baptisms.

Hope ya´ll have a good week back at home. It´s probably a good thing I am out of the country.. My poor Packers got taken out. I <3 U Aaron Rodgers! Elder Clegg Pics: I am not supposed to take my camera into my sector.. So I can´t take any pictures! Here´s a pic of another ghetto sector I was in! So just let your imagination work when I say that mine is wayyyyyy worse. Leslie, Hector, y Jampier My face when I am being patient. The Elders from my old Ward.. When I got there.. We had 3 people there besides us!"

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Ochagavia it is...

Remember last week when Hayden wrote about dreams he was having concerning the upcoming transfer? He said he dreamed he was going to a "thug" (a.k.a. ghetto) place. It must have been Heavenly Father trying to prepare Hayden for what was coming. Transfers occurred this week and guess what? He is going to a place that is struggling. My Mom reminded me that the Mission President must feel Hayden is up to the challenge. My heart hurts when he says he is scared. I want to protect him, but the power I have lies in the basic gospel principle of faith. Faith that Hayden's obedience will invite the Holy Ghost to be his constant companion to warn him of dangers. Faith that God will protect him and watch over him. Faith that Hayden has something he needs to share and work to perform in this new area.

"Well I left Olimpo and moved to Ochagavia today. Let´s just say that when everybody asked me where I got sent and I said Diagonal, they put their fingers into a gun by their mouth and yell "OHHHHHH" which is the sign for flighte! (Ghetto) I am not letting my family visit my mission.. Haha

Haha but I am the second Sky View grad to be sent here! It was the first sector of Elder Bangerter.

This sector is infamous! Haha it is the WORST sector in the Stake.. This stake is the WORST in the WORLD, statistically speaking. They have over 600 members and 40 go. Haha so you could say that I am in the statistically worst ward IN THE WORLD. Not to mention the most ghetto place I have ever put my little feet. (Mom's insert: This is what Hayden has been told. I guess we will find out much more over the next few months.)

My new comp is Elder Fernandez from Chile.. he is like 3 1/2 feet tall.. SO he´ll definitely be able to protect me! Haha

On the bright side.. Danny got baptized! What a good way to leave a sector! Haha we were so blessed over there! I witnessed so many miracles! Danny is the most amazing dude I have met so far. God is a God of Miracles. We didn´t think we were gonna be able to baptize him this week.. but we planned his baptism anyways.. Then things just happened and he was baptized. What a beast!

Well, I am short on time, but I am a lil' scared.. So any prayers would be helpful!

Good laws.. They´re playing Tupac in this internet cafe now.

Love ya guys,
Elder Clegg

Danny Se Bautizó!"

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Turned up for the Gospel!

Having teenagers means a lot of things. One of the things it means is you start to learn new words, acronyms and phrases. Some of them I wish I didn't know. Some of them have double meanings and some of them are just meaningless. (Think of the 80's vernacular including "totally", "radical" and "tubular". How embarrassing...) The teenagers learn this new vocabulary from a variety of sources including friends, music and the internet. The urban dictionary defines the phrase "turned up" as "to be overly excited or enthusiastic about something". This is a new phrase I like. (And yes, my vernacular vultures, I know it means other things...but I will focus on the positive definition.) Right now, Hayden is turned up about the gospel. He is happy to be bringing people to Christ and I don't think you could ever get "overly excited" about that!! P.S. Baptizing Lil' Jon and Katy Perry is a great idea!!


Hope you all had a Happy New Years. I got pretty wild and went to bed at 8:00 because we had to be inside early that day. So that was real fun.

My comp and I have been laughing all week about how sweet it would be to teach Lil' Jon. I think he needs to be baptized. This whole baptizing a celebrity thing started because the members here are convinced that Katy Perry got baptized. I doubt that. Oh, and they say that Alexis Sanchez.. Who is like super human soccer player.. is taking the lessons from the missionaries! If he gets baptized it will be so easy to baptize people.. Everybody already wants to be like him!

Well this past week was really hard because EVERYBODY left to the beach! At the same time.. It was Super rewarding! We were able to help Carlos get baptized. He is a flipping stud! Haha he moved houses so that he could live in our ward and be baptized.

Nothing all that new is happening.. Besides the fact I might be moving sectors when we have changes on the 10th. I don`t know how I feel about that. I have had dreams that I am gonna get thrown in a really thug place! So we will see how that goes.

Elder Clegg


Sunday, January 4, 2015

Nice. Real nice.

People who know our family, know that we can be irreverent at times. We find humor in things that some people find offensive. Bodily functions, potty jokes and just plain old dumb humor are a few examples. Mike and I love to watch "Christmas Vacation". It has plenty of bodily functions, potty jokes and dumb humor. Cousin Eddie is our favorite. There is just something about the fellow that makes your skin crawl and yet, you can't wait to see what he'll say or do next.

Hayden has had some "Cousin Eddie-like experiences" recently. Killing bugs with fire, Nerf-gun wars, a comp with the last name of Sixkiller, run-ins with all sounds a little sketchy to me. Sounds like Cousin Eddie's type of mission. In all honesty though, we are excited that Hayden is remembering to include some humor in his days. And we think that's nice. Real nice.


The people here can`t say anything without adding po on the end. It means dude. So learn I something new every day po.

Well, the Christmas here was pretty dang sweet. Like it was really hot.. and we didn`t do anything different, but sweet. Haha my comp and I were like.. Hey let`s be the only exactly obedient missionaries in the world on Christmas and see if we get blessing from it.. So we did it and worked on Christmas.. Then the next day we had 12 lessons and found 8 new people to teach. Like in all honesty, I never thought I would say this, but obedience is the most important thing! I am so grateful my trainer taught me that early on.

I am happy. I love this sector! Haha the doors are opening here! Every week we are finding lots of new people to teach.. Like Chile is not an easy place, but our whole mission is being blessed like crazy!

Probably has to do with the fact that our Mission President is a he left his house.. which was next door to Shaq and Tiger Woods to come here! He is Brazilian and owns like a ton of banks down there. Freaking rich this guy, but not important! He is a spiritual dude! Awesome leader!!

Not that much funny or crazy has happened this week.. I had another dude get really mad at me, but what`s new? Haha

We kill bugs with fire. We shoot nerf guns. We talk about Star Wars. We are obedient. We teach. What more can you ask for in a comp? Haha he is a stud as well! He has grown up without parents.. Just recently he found out his last name is Sixkiller and that he is half Cherokee! Pretty neat.

In all honesty nothing fun ever happens in Chile! Haha you just have to learn how to think just about everything is funny.. Then it`s hilarious. Like it is the perfect place for me.

People don`t know how to put clothes on here. It is really quite terrible. I will leave that for you guys to think about, but needless to say.. That has lead to some of my scariest experiences.

Hope you all have a great week! Enjoy the cold. I am kind of jealous of that!

Love ya`ll!

Elder Clegg

P.S. We have BBQ's a lot right now. They`re nice. Real nice."

Our Favorite Christmas Gift

If you ask any member of our family what their favorite Christmas gift was this year, we would all emphatically say, "the Skype call from Hayden!" It was the most anticipated part of our day. He told us to expect the call between 2:00 and 3:00 our time. After all the presents were opened and we had breakfast, we waited. And waited. It was like waiting for another Christmas morning. We had our computer ready to go. It became our fourth child that day as we carried it from room to room and changed it's diaper (refreshed the page) every few minutes. We were NOT going to miss that call!!

Finally...the call came. We gathered together in our front room and waited for his image to pop up. When I first saw him, my immediate thought was, "That's sure weird how they have to wear gigantic head phones to Skype in Chili..." As I looked closer however, I saw he wasn't wearing headphones, just the felt reindeer antlers we sent in his Christmas package...AND HE LOOKED SO HAPPY!! We learned that he was at the church and the connection was spotty. There were members in and out trying to help. We were shocked when we heard Hayden rattle things off to them in Spanish. It was seamless. Finally they were able to establish the connection. Then he spoke to us and we were a little taken back. His voice sounded a little higher and his English had a Spanish lilt to it. Five months and he is Chilean! We smiled as he retold the stories of the last few months. We were in awe at his testimony in Spanish and we laughed at his impersonation of how they approach doors/gates to share their message. All the while, obedience-bound Elder Clegg was watching the clock and making sure he did not go over the precious allotted hour! As we closed in on the final minutes, we said a family prayer together that Hayden offered in Spanish. We all felt our hearts fill with love and gratitude for that moment. That gift. Our favorite gift.