Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Greenie Again

Hayden is learning so much right now and feels like he's starting over.  He is upbeat and happy with his new responsibilities.  He finally got to see the coast!  I love that he sent so many pictures this week!

"Hey Guys! 

This week was pretty crazy. Haha I got a new sector..  Hood for life. Haha it´s 80% Hatian and 20% scary. 

I´m now comps with Elder Brooks from Brigham City! We´re doing a White Wash into the office as AP´s.. Haha so we´ll hardly ever be in the sector. Elder Brooks and I are in charge of preparing new leaders for the new mission president, because President Barreiros ends with us in June. Elder Ballard and Elder Harries that I lived with are in charge of the office calls and stuff like that. 

My whole mission just changed, so we´ll see what happens! Haha 

We´re still gonna baptize a lot. 

My P-day is now Saturday! 

Talk to ya´ll later!
Elder Clegg

Baptism of Josefina

Maaawige of Josefina

Da Playa

Our truck...We don´t use it much...

Traveling with Elder Brooks"

Thursday, April 21, 2016

There's An AP(P) For That

I woke up Monday morning, excited to hear from our missionary.  I was anxious to get the scoop on all the flooding that happened in Santiago last week.  This is what I found!  (He wrote a group email to Autumn, Aubrey and me.)  

"Hey Gals! 

I am probably not gonna be able to respond to you guys at all this week, because today isn´t my P-day. I am now gonna have my P-day on Saturdays because of being in the office. 

I got called as an AP with the assignment to train future that will be interesting! I´m going to be ending my mission in Ochagavia. The same place I was 1 year ago. I´ll be driving a car and not really sure what else.  I´ll be traveling around the mission a lot. 

Love you guys!

I guess the flooding didn't stop the work.  Transfers still occurred and it looks like Hayden will have more opportunities to learn and grow!  And yes, my heart just about burst when I read the words "ending my mission..."  We cannot wait to see his face again!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

So Many Miracles!

There is a definite learning curve to writing a missionary.  It took us some time to figure out how to get the most information out of Hayden.  I have learned each week to ask him two or three questions at the beginning of my email.  He then answers them in return.  Sometimes the questions are as simple as, "Did you get the package?".  One week I asked him when the last time was that he cried on his mission.  (It must have been a good thing to ask, because it was just that week he cried.)  This week I asked him the best and worst part of his week.  This was his reply.

Best part of my week was hearing the "still-wet-from-the-font-Alfredo" give his testimony about the Atonement. 

Worst part.. Well I didn´t really have anything bad happen. 

In his group email, he explains a little more about Alfredo.

"Alfredo was bapped. Super cool dude! He´s been waiting for a surgery for 5 years to restore full function because he´s partly paralyzed. He got mugged and was left pretty bad, but right after he passed his baptismal interview, he got a call saying that his operation would be this Tuesday! So many miracles. 

Josefina will be married and bapped this week. SO cool!

Love yall
Elder Clegg"

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Sleepless in Santiago

As babies, all three of my kids had chronic ear infections.  This made for lots of tears and even more sleepless nights.  Hayden has had some sleepless nights this week.  He mentioned in his email to me that he had to do some visits to other missionaries during the night.  From the sound of things, I think I would rather deal with a fussy baby, than fussy missionaries.  Hang in there Hayden!

"Hey there! 

Thought I would pop a group email this week because lots of stuff happened. Haha it was a really crazy week. 

We got woken up in the night a few times to help some Elders, so it was a long week in the sleep department. 

We bapped Alina. She is great! We have 3 more lined up for the next two weeks. Miracles! Also, pray for Sandra. She is a single mom that we are trying to baptize this change. The ward is giving us all sorts of references. 

Speaking of the ward...we went to lunch in the most rich place ever. Haha Ferrari's and Rovers type of rich. It was on a private golf course and the food was SO good. 

Found a dog with rabies for the first time. Rabies is a real thing. Haha I didn´t think it ever happened. 

Conference was super sick.  I love Elder Renlund and President Uchtdorf! 

We had an interview type deal with like 10 other missionaries with the head of the Missionary Department and a 70.  It was really cool! 

That´s about all that came to mind.

Love you guys,
Elder Clegg"