Friday, November 20, 2015

Bits and Pieces

Hayden's group emails have been spotty at best, so this week I am taking bits and pieces from each of our emails and sharing it on the blog.

1.  Apparently Hayden got bitten by a dog and had to get a rabies shot.  His story is that he got attacked by five dogs and the Pit bull bit him.  He said not to worry, that he will be fine. Nice...

2.  He is mad at Autumn because she is driving "his" truck.  It has been friendly teasing about it until lately, when it took an ugly turn.  Even 6,000 miles can't separate my kids from fighting.

3.  Hayden feels blessed in his mission.  He says, "We were able to baptize again this past week! The Lord has seriously blessed me so much in the mission."

4.  People in Chile are excited for the new Star Wars movie to come out.

5.  He loves his apartment (pension).  It is above a member's house and they have another set of Elders living with them.

6.  It is getting warmer down there and the kids will be out of school in December for their summer vacation.

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