Saturday, November 7, 2015

Freakishly Beautiful

In my last email to Hayden, I asked him various questions about what he is eating, his health and life in Chile.  Here are a few of his responses.  

"I've eaten some pretty ratchy things lately, but the worst was definitely chicken livers.  I think that`s what they were. Haha it was horrible. I will be having homemade tacos today!  My friend, Elder Ramirez, invited us over for tacos!  So I`m pumped about that.  He is one of our DL`s!  President also invited all the ZL's for hamburgers at his house. 

Chile is so freakishly beautiful. I've been to some cool places, and nothing but Alaska compares. Imagine Park City in Alaska. 

I`m doing super well. I want to baptize a FAMILY! I haven`t been able to do that yet. I have completed and reactivated families, but never baptized. 

I`ll be staying with Elder Ballard for another 6 weeks! That makes him my longest term companion! I`m happy about it!  We get along well!"

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