Saturday, November 15, 2014

Math, Valentine's Candy, and Nose Picking

Last night I had a crazy dream. (Isn't there a song that starts off like that?) I dreamed that Hayden came home. In my dream, I knew it wasn't time for him to come home, but I didn't know why he did. We had the whole airport homecoming thing and then came home and visited into the night about his mission experiences. Then it got really weird...the next morning we woke up and went to my friend Julie's house. There she did a math assessment on Hayden and he couldn't quite get it. As I looked over at him (in my dream), I noticed he kept trying to pick his nose. (So sorry Hayden!!! Remember this is my crazy dream!) I was so embarrassed and asked him, "Do you need a tissue?" "Why don't you go to the bathroom?" He got frustrated with me and said, "Mom, I'm fine." Then Julie served us some Valentine's candy. Next thing I know, Hayden is coming up to me and saying, "I have nothing to wear. Let's go get something for me to wear." We went to the mall to get him some clothes and then I tucked him in his bed, fulling expecting to find him there when I woke up this morning. I even asked Mike if Hayden was home. I surely wish I could interpret dreams. Someone could have a hoot with this one. (And if you are one of those people who can interpret dreams and this one means I'm looney, thanks for nothing. I already know that!) I'm sure you will have an easier time interpreting Hayden's email from this week. Here it is...

"Hello everyone!

This week was an average week! I can´t believe that it´s already P-day again. The time is starting to pass really fast! There are Christmas decorations on the houses. That is so weird. It is straight up summer down here. I hope Santa still visits missionaries. If he tries to come into our house, I hope he doesn´t come in through the attic, because my trainer is convinced that there are people breaking into our house through the attic... I am more than a little bit sick of having to explain to him that we are perfectly safe. Haha

This week Elder Nelson came to talk to us. It´s not every day that you get to hear from somebody like that! He talked so much about the pre-earth life and how we are serving exactly where we need to be serving, with the people we need to be serving.. and that they are our friends from the pre-earth life down here waiting to receive the gospel. It´s a pretty cool thought!

On a not as good note, my trainer doesn´t know how to work a toilet and flooded part of our house, including getting toilet water in my suit cases! Haha that is always a really fun thing to have to deal with.. He has taught me some way good habits such as obedience with exactness, how to work hard, and how NOT to live in a house.

As far as cool experiences go, we were out contacting one day and we talked to this guy who told us he was busy. I told him.. "Why do you have a remote in your hand if you are SO busy." He got pretty mad, but then we left. Like a half hour later he drove up to us in his car and told us he had been looking for us ever since we left and that he needed to hear what we have to offer! We are going to teach him today, so I hope that goes well!

Also, I had to give a talk in sacrament.. in Spanish.. with like 30 minutes of preparation. The Bishop came up to me before church and was like.. Hey we don´t have anybody to speak. Can you? Haha the whole promise of open your mouth and the words will come is so very true.

I love all you guys! I think I need to edit this group because half of my friends are now on their missions. Haha!"

Les Amo,
Elder Clegg

"This scripture really hit home today."

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