Saturday, November 8, 2014

A Bad Hair Cut Never Stopped Anyone

Apparently Hayden received a doozy of a haircut this last go around. He said he was in and out of the chair in about five minutes. Needless to say, (but I'll say it anyway), he isn't sending any pictures of himself right now. I can't blame him. But that hasn't stopped him from sharing the gospel and working hard.

"Hello there.

It is really hot down here. Before you start to complain about the cold, think of a missionary burning to death! Haha but hey.. That´s just more motivation to teach lessons! I have the gnarliest farmers tan of all time.. Not just the sleeves, but yes.. The neck. It is dang attractive.

This week was just a normal week! Eating good food, walking in the heat, getting yelled at by lots of catholics, LOTS of dogs, and LOTS of teaching the gospel!

I love my sector here in Nueva San Martin. It´s the right balance of a little bit ghetto and a little bit nice. In all honesty, Chile is not all that different from the states. I feel like I am serving in California.. Haha!

The language is coming along super well! I didn´t ever expect to learn Spanish this fast! I have had some serious help from above. I love learning languages! I didn´t know that before the mission!

As far as teaching goes, Patricia and Juan El Bautista are progressing pretty dang fast! We have also found a family of gold. They are seriously pretty much models. They will be on every church magazine cover that exists if we can dunk them. We have also found a Professional soccer player to teach! He is a stud. There are many more, but those are my favorites that we are teaching.

I am getting along pretty well with my companion, but on Halloween I went on divisions with a kid that is my best friend in the mission! It was such a blessing. Divisions last 24 hours. I went over to his sector and we knocked doors while every one else estaba haciendo dulce o atravesura.. (Trick or Treating) We have a combined time in the mission of less than 7 months, but we always have such good luck when we work together! Man that would be cool to be companions with Elder Kimball!

My companion is district leader so we have to do a lot of divisions.. but I ended up in a sector that used to be the sector of my cousin like 5 years ago! (So Dane I met a bunch of people that you know!) I guess Elder Erickson was a stud! Haha

Sorry not very funny or scary or anything this week, but if you guys could see this dude punching the keyboard behind me, I think you would be laughing too.. Oh and I about cried laughing when Elder Campos.. Honduras I think.. He ate crap playing soccer. Like literally.. He fell so hard. That poor feller is gonna limp his way through the last month of his mission.

Have a great week ERrrrRRYbudy."

Elder Clegg

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