Thursday, May 14, 2015

He Loves Us!

We were able to Skype Elder Clegg on Mother's Day! It looked like it might not happen due to technical difficulties, but in the end it all worked out! He looked so happy. He still has a great sense of humor, but he has definitely picked up a Spanish accent. He loves the work, the people and the area so much. It will be hard for him to change areas if that happens. We find out on Monday!

"Hey all!

This week was fantastic! We had a bunch of people come to church that I never expected.. They all came! We made a baptismal date with a dude who we saw robbing people one day.. We found Miguel and NatalĂ­.. They are both gonna get baptized. We had a bunch of people at church. Overall.. everything is going down great with teaching. Looks like it`s getting set up perfectly to leave this change. :( I really hope I don`t leave this next week!

We went to the temple with some converts! I love watching them do baptisms for the dead!

I talked to my family on Mother's Day. They love me. Haha I also love them.

With some of the sad stuff that has happened to Sister Missionaries in South America, everybody is overly protective of the missionaries right now. They might be able to attack my shins if things get pretty gnarly.. They are definitely some really big people.

That`s all I`ve got this week folks.

Elder Clegg

My Ward Mission Leader thought it was pretty cool to take this picture.. Not sure why! Sometimes you`ve gotta turn up a bit."

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