Monday, May 4, 2015

May the 4th...Be With You

Hayden has LOVED Star Wars his entire life. He would reenact epic light-saber battles in our himself or with Mike. Mike usually had to be the bad guy. Hayden still owns light sabers and when he heard that a new set of Star Wars movies were coming out, he was downright giddy. It must have been pretty exciting to have the chance to write home on May the 4th. I mean, who gets to use that in a subject line? Except for him, it is more like, "Que el cuarto estar contigo..." (Blame Google translate if that is slaughtered.)

Read on to see what epic things have happened this week for Elder Clegg.


I know it`s super cliche, but I have to be able to say it sometime. I am a Star Wars fan and I will be dressing up as a Jedi for Halloween 2016. Just to make that clear right now.

This week was crazy. So many miracles.

We were walking in the street one day and we saw a group of people huddled around some teenager that had some weird deal going on.. He was screaming and wouldn`t get up.. So his mom runs up to us and is like, "I`m Baptist and my kid won`t get up.. can you do something?" So we walk over and I say "Hola" and he gets up.. The people about crapped their pants after seeing us do that! Haha

Then I was super sick.. for one day. My comp gave me a blessing.. I went to bed and I was good as new in the morning.

We baptized a girl that has been waiting 7 years to get permission from her parents. We had to work so hard for that. She reminds me so much of my little sister Aubrey, that I felt so strongly about getting that done!

There are so many great things happening here in the mission field. I just typed this in like 2 minutes flat.. That was pretty sweet.

Love you all!

Elder Clegg"

Pic of us and the Mom who finally gave el permiso

My comp and me


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