Thursday, May 28, 2015

An Evil Duck

Hayden mentions the phrase "Un Pato Malo" in his email this week. Since I don't speak Spanish, I had to translate it. The Google translation is "an evil duck". I'm guessing that is not the same meaning he is using. Why on earth would you ask someone if they are an evil duck? It seems I have a long list of questions for Hayden to clarify when he gets home. This one will be at the top of the list...

"I`ll make it short this week!

Don`t ask people if they are "Un Pato Malo" because they show you their pistols to prove it. I also saw two 250 pound women get in a fist fight with rocks. It was lovely!

We are teaching the Familia Gabriel that are 5 Hatians! They should be baptized soon. Gloria and a couple others as well, should be baptized.

We live in a sweet apartment! It`s on the 18th floor.. Directly above and below us live other missionaries. So we always kinda just open up the windows and hang out a bit.

My chapel is the biggest in South America.. Or at least that's what they tell me. It`s got a basketball court too.. So we played today!

I love the mission! District leader with sister missionaries isn`t all that bad. My comp is from CANCUN so I will be visiting him after the mission.

My sector is supposed to be one of the hardest.. We will see what happens!


Elder Clegg"

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