Thursday, August 20, 2015


Elder Clegg did get changed and it's time for him to learn new things!  He sounds happy, but busy.  I guess he will come home speaking Spanish and a little bit of French.  We sure love and miss that guy!  

P.S.  And when Hayden says Elder Ballard, he means the grandson of THE Elder Ballard...

"Hey guys! 

It`s been a wild week! Haha, I am now comps with Elder Ballard.  I didn't leave the zone, but I changed wards.  I`m gonna be serving as ZL!  We've got an assignment to start a Haitian branch here!   There are SOOO many Haitians in my sector.  It`s like a community of them.  So, it feels like I basically just changed missions.  The language block is real!  Haha I am trying to learn french right now! 

We've got divisions with President tonight...So that like never happens and I`m a little nervous!  It`s gonna be cool to knock doors with him! 

My sector is SUPER ghetto again. I've been in almost all the ghetto sectors in the mission. 

Then we taught Lil' Wayne, Mr. T, Terry Cruz, and all sorts of lookalikes!

Have a good week,
Elder Clegg"

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