Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Each week we look forward to hearing from our missionary.  As a family we sit down and write individual emails to him on Sunday night.  He usually responds to those and then includes a group email.  The group email is the one I post on this blog.  Well...this week there was no group email!  We aren't sure if it didn't come through or he didn't send one.  So, I apologize.  The email he sent to me, let us know that he is healthy and happy.  And that will get us through another week.

For this week, I found this inspiring missionary quote.  It hit pretty close to home.

"This extensive missionary work is carried forward because those people who serve as missionaries and those who give them have strong testimonies in their hearts that they belong to Christ’s true church, which he restored on earth in 1830. They are positive that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only church in the world which possesses God’s holy priesthood, his true doctrines and ordinances, and the power to bring people into celestial glory to dwell with their Creator. And so they go on missions in order that other people may receive the gospel and share the same joy and blessings that they have."  Milton R. Hunter

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