Thursday, October 22, 2015

Press Replay

If you had a "replay" button for your life, when would you press it?  That's one of the thoughts I've had this week since reading Hayden's email.  I can think of moments I'd like to delete or moments where I wish I had a slow motion button, but I can also think of many I'd replay.  I'd replay my wedding day (for many of which is I never had it recorded on video...what was I thinking?), the birth of my children (except I'd fast forward to the part where they were placed in my arms), the day I finally got up on slalom waterskis (it took FOREVER), and many more times where I felt Heavenly Father's hand in my life.  

As far as Hayden's wishes go, I'm grateful missions are only two years.  I'm afraid I'd need a fast forward button if they were any longer.  I think most Missionary Moms would agree!


I`m doing super well!  We worked way hard this last week and the sector is back up and running. We also had interviews with President and he said that Ballard and I would be staying together for another change. So that`s good news! 

We've been having the usual ghetto experiences. I had a little, tiny greenie with me in divisions this week and he got scared after some gunshots. Such a cute little guy! Haha I always see the greenies and think how much I would give to be in their place...I love the mission! I`d kill to press replay. Haha it`s passing by so fast! 

We went to the temple as a Stake activity with new converts. It was SOOO cool to see all of the fruits we`ve had in the temple. Such a big activity. It`s been such a blessing to work in one of the functional stakes in Chile. 

Haitians are still dope. Chileans are still funny. The Peruvians are still very interesting. 

Elder Clegg

Life in Estaci├│n Central...(Central Station) Is rolling."

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