Saturday, October 31, 2015

Not Broken? Don't Fix It!

Here is a little part of the email Hayden sent me.  I am grateful he is so happy!!

"I`m doing super well.  It was a really good week.  We had another baptism of a guy named Manuel. Super special dude. He`s been to about all the churches, but the BOM convinced him that ours was the true church.

The teaching situation is super great!  We have found almost 50 new people these past two weeks. So the sector is back up and running with a lot of people that are gonna get baptized. This change has flown by! This next week will be changes again.. but President told us we would be staying together another change! Haha it`s pretty crazy.  He`s just been saying that if it`s not broken, he`s not gonna fix it. "

And guess what?  We are now on our second set of holidays without Hayden.  Halloween? Check!   The next time we carve pumpkins, HE WILL BE THERE!

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