Wednesday, October 7, 2015


In my last email to Hayden, I asked him about the group emails.  He says his time on the computer is used up with ZL responsibilities.  He also mentioned that he'll try to throw one in when he can.

Hayden is content.  In fact, I don't think he has been more at peace in his life than now.  He loves seeing the miracles that come from serving our Heavenly Father.  In his email to me, he writes, "We had a miracle baptism of a really cool lady! She was so prepared for the gospel and just received everything. Her son took his life and so she really stuck to the plan of salvation. She talked to us because we looked happy when we knocked her that's why she let us in. Before the mission, I thought being funny and doing dumb things was being happy...(well, skiing is being happy), but now I realize that just being content and loving what you're doing is the real source!"

I miss this boy of ours more than ever, but knowing he is content, makes me content.

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