Friday, December 4, 2015

Waste and Wear

This past summer, I decided to join a few of my friends and try a big ride.  It was on my bucket list and one I REALLY wanted to accomplish.  I worked hard to be ready.  I got my bike fit to my body, I got the proper snacks to eat during the ride and I even got special cream that saved my really! (Biking people will know what I'm talking about!)   

The day of the ride came and I was ready.  I paced myself and found that at the halfway point, I was pretty tired.  I still had 50 miles to go.  I kept pedaling.  At the 80th mile, I didn't think I had it in me, but I kept pedaling.  Eventually, I saw that finish line!  I crossed it and felt absolute happiness and exhaustion.  I felt wasted and worn out.  Hayden is feeling the same way, except he is not just doing a big bike race.  No, his work is eternal in nature.  It has the power to bring more happiness than any 100 mile ride ever could.  His message is short, yet powerful.  I'm inspired to renew my efforts to waste and wear my days in serving my Heavenly Father.

"November was a rough month for me health wise!  Haha as ZL's we don`t have time to do like anything!  I`ve just been loving the scripture in D&C that says, "Therefore we may waste and wear our lives in bringing hidden things unto light!"  I love that and I`ve found it to be true." 

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