Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Senior Year

Today, Hayden has six months left to serve!  Apparently the missionaries in his mission (not sure if it's ALL missions) break it down into six month chunks.  Your first six months you are considered a freshman, the next six you're a sophomore, and so on...  He references that in his email to me this week.

"I`m doing super well!  We baptized this past weekend!  It was a good Christmas! Haha I was sittin' there talking to my comp last night and I cannot believe that I am entering my Senior year of the mission. We got so sad last night!  Haha it passes by so fast!"

Our Skype call on Christmas was incredible!  It was so good to see his handsome face, hear his beloved voice and feel his tender testimony!  He is growing and changing in ways we hoped and in ways we didn't see coming.  What a blessing!  We love and miss him.  Here's to a quick "senior year" and a sweet reunion in June 2016!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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