Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Birthday Baptizing

Hayden turned 20 on February 21st.  I've been thinking a lot about that first born of ours.  We sent him a birthday care package.  We bundled all the love and support we could in that spendy International Priority Mail box.  No matter what we sent in that box, however, it will never compare to the gifts Hayden has given us while on his mission.  He has shown us about true obedience.  He has shown us that miracles can happen.  He has exemplified losing oneself in the service of God. These things and more.  They can't be put into a box and they certainly can't be purchased.  But, they can be held in our hearts for eternity.  The birthday boy becomes the giver, instead of the receiver.

Hey everybody! 

Well this week was super crazy! I set the goal a couple weeks back to baptize a family on my birthday! Haha!  Families in Chile are super rare for the 'tisms.  Normally they come 1 by 1, but we saw a huge miracle with la familia Troncoso Hermosilla!  They are so awesome. 

The other girl is Connie that we baptized last week!  She was a huge miracle as well, and now her younger sister is gonna get baptized as well. 

I had a great Birthday!  Thanks for all the wishes!  The Lord gave a huge miracle! 

Love y´all! 

Elder Clegg

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