Friday, February 12, 2016

Hitch Hiking = No Bueno

Frankly, hitch hiking scares me.  I remember as a child, traveling to Salt Lake City and seeing hitch hikers on the freeway with their bags packed and thumbs up.  I also remember my parents giving me strong advice to never, EVER pick up a hitch hiker.  I always wondered about their stories.  Why did they need a ride?  Where was their family?  Why were they stranded?  It bothered me that I never knew.  It was all too much for my little brain and heart to take.  Nowadays, I still have reservations about hitch hikers and I also have the same questions I did when I was a kid.  This week, ONE question has been floating around in my mind about my hitch-hikin' missionary son.  Why, oh why?

P. S.  I guarantee you'll find the answer to what hot boxing is, faster than I find out why he missed the bus and had to hitch-hike.


It´s been a super good week here in Talagante!  We have seen so many miracles and had to do SO MUCH administrative stuff.  Holy cow it takes a ton of time.

Funny Stories:

Contacting a house and then all the sudden these four guys walk past and get to the door of their house and start staring at us.  Then some guy does a fist pump and yells, "Welcome to He.." in English.  They run in and slam the door and immediately "Shots" by Lil' Jon starts playing SUPER loud.  I was literally on the ground because I couldn´t walk from laughing so hard. 

Another day in divisions we missed the last bus home and were stuck out in the campo, so we started hitch hiking.  We got a car to stop and then we get in.  The driver starts going and then I realized that it was a bunch of hippies HOT BOXING their van.  Haha!!  Then some guy looks back and is like, "I love Jehovah. Would you die right now for Jehovah?"   Then I was just like, "Oh hey, we´re gonna get off right now."  So we got off and hitch hiked a different car that was way more normal.

We went into a super ghetto riverside camp place and they were just like, "You´ve gotta go!  They tried to stone the last missionaries that came here."  Haha!  Oops! 

I found a dog that looks like an Ewok.  I laughed a good minute for that.  (See picture.)

Spiritual Stories:

We´re teaching a couple super prepared families! We should be able to baptize them on my BIRTHDAY.  That´d be a huge present.  Haha! 

This next week, Connie and Josefina will be getting baptized.  Both are super sick eternal investigators!  They just all of the sudden decided to get baptized. 

Love y´all,

Elder Clegg

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