Thursday, February 18, 2016

Worst Party Ever

I was having a bit of a pity party the other day.  I saw other missionaries sending their Moms flowers for Valentine's Day.  I also saw another friend get a package from her missionary serving in Russia!!  There were other Valentine missionary pictures posted and by the time I saw it all, my pity party was in full swing.  I was wishing I could have something sent my way.  After carrying on for albeit too long, I got on Facebook and was not prepared for the wake-up call I was about to receive.  There, at the top of my feed, was this picture of Hayden in white, thumbs up and a huge smile on his face.  A sweet member from Hayden's current ward posted the photo.  The thought came CLEARLY to my mind (kinda like a strong, parental voice) saying, "What more do you need?"  Tears came to my eyes as I was humbled again.  That was all I needed.  Embarrassed that I even held a pity party in the first place, I quickly brought it to an end.  

"This past week was a real good one! We baptized a cool girl named Constanza! She has been an investigator off and on for 8 years.  She´s a single mom and her whole family are members.  So we baptized her.  Her sister, who is also a single mom, came to the service and said she and her daughter want to get baptized too. So many miracles!

I´ve loved the mission.  The other day I took a nap on P-day and I couldn´t sleep.  I just stayed up thinking about all the great experiences I´ve had and all the cool people I´ve been able to meet. I've grown so much!" 

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