Thursday, March 24, 2016

20 to 0!

Hayden reminded me of something important this week. 
"The work is going very well. We have several women that are very close to baptism. One of them has her interview today.  NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER.  Haha we were knocking doors when she came out and I was just like...Oh crap, she just wants to talk to gringos!  But something told us to teach her and she is changing her life so fast.  She went from smoking 20 cigarettes every day to 0.  She is the best!"
President Uchtdorf's words come to my mind when I think of judging others.  He reminds us, 
"This topic of judging others could actually be taught in a two-word sermon. When it comes to hating, gossiping, ignoring, ridiculing, holding grudges, or wanting to cause harm, please apply the following:
Stop it!
It’s that simple. We simply have to stop judging others and replace judgmental thoughts and feelings with a heart full of love for God and His children. God is our Father. We are His children. We are all brothers and sisters."

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