Sunday, March 13, 2016

As Is

Transfers occurred this week and Hayden gets to stay "as is".  He will carry on the work with Elder Peterson (L) and Elder McDermott (R).


Haha it was a good week. We got some great news on the changes.  That means that I´m gonna be staying in Talagante for another change.  My comps didn´t change either, but it´s good news, because trios are awesome and Talagante is sick! 

We bapped Antonia.  She´s a cute little girl!  She´s part of La Familia Gutierrez that is really big and we´ve been working to reactivate them.  Constanza is also part of that family.  She got baptized a couple weeks ago.  Easiest baptism of my whole mission. It was basically a Ward Baptism, but hey...blessings! 

This week nothing all that funny happened.  I also am not a fan of sharing super spiritual stuff over the internet, so we´re gonna make it real short this week. 

Love ya´ll 
Elder Clegg"

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