Thursday, March 31, 2016


This week I asked Hayden who some of his mission heroes are.  This is his response.

"My mission heroes...people in the scriptures and/or people in the mission... 

President Barreiros. He is the coolest dude!  He has basically enabled me to have the exact mission I´ve wanted. 

Elder Johnson.  He was my first ZL and he really helped me to be a good missionary. 

Enos! I just love the chapter that he wrote. I relate to it so much!  Haha I feel like that was the exact thing that happened to me when I got out here on the mission.  The last verse is my favorite scripture. 

Peter!  He is just a beast."

Little does Hayden know, he has become a HERO to our family.  He has shown courage, done noble deeds and made the way easier for others to follow.  He has allowed himself to be a tool in God's hands to teach the joyful news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Any missionary who serves with their heart is a hero!

P.S.  Apparently being called a "beast" is a good thing these days.  I believe it means you are super good at what you do. 

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