Thursday, April 21, 2016

There's An AP(P) For That

I woke up Monday morning, excited to hear from our missionary.  I was anxious to get the scoop on all the flooding that happened in Santiago last week.  This is what I found!  (He wrote a group email to Autumn, Aubrey and me.)  

"Hey Gals! 

I am probably not gonna be able to respond to you guys at all this week, because today isn´t my P-day. I am now gonna have my P-day on Saturdays because of being in the office. 

I got called as an AP with the assignment to train future that will be interesting! I´m going to be ending my mission in Ochagavia. The same place I was 1 year ago. I´ll be driving a car and not really sure what else.  I´ll be traveling around the mission a lot. 

Love you guys!

I guess the flooding didn't stop the work.  Transfers still occurred and it looks like Hayden will have more opportunities to learn and grow!  And yes, my heart just about burst when I read the words "ending my mission..."  We cannot wait to see his face again!

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