Wednesday, June 15, 2016

All Teared Up

My kids will tell you my tears have come easily over the past two years.  I get teared up whenever I see missionaries, go to the airport, read Hayden's emails, update this blog, go in his room or even think of him. I have to be careful.  Early on, I had a meltdown in Wal-Mart as I read one of his first emails out of the MTC. No tear gas needed!

Here's Hayden getting teared up...

"Well.. I got teared up because my comp and I got drilled by tear gas when some students started doing a protest in the city. Haha so that was fun. I couldn´t stop crying for like 4 hours. Haha 

Also teared up because I only have 3 weeks left. Where does the time go?  

Also teared up, because we baptized Claudia and she´s a saint! I´ll send pictures next week! 

Elder Clegg"

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