Saturday, September 20, 2014

First Week Out

Mondays are now our NEW favorite day! That is when Hayden's P-Day falls. He seems to be adjusting to life in Santiago. He has had a week of "firsts"...First new area, first senior companion, first teaching opportunities, first Chilean holiday and first interaction that was less than comforting for a Mother. Here we go...!

"Hello Everyone!

So I just finished my first week in the field. Boy what an experience it has been. I am able to open up a sector with my trainer. It's been very difficult because we start with nobody to teach. We didn't know a single person when we started. It has been hard, but very rewarding. We have to work flipping hard for every lesson we teach.

My area is in MaipĂș Chile.. If any of you want to look. Haha my sector is Nueva San Martin. It's always comforting when not a wall in your area is clean. ALL the walls have graffiti. Haha as of right now.. We don't even have a house because the sector is new, so we are staying with some other missionaries. I should be moving into our house today.

I survived my first Chilean holiday.. (September 18 is celebrated in Chile as their Independence Day. It is remembered with the fiestas patrias or "national parties." The celebrations kick off in early September and can last for weeks. All over Chile, people celebrate with food, parades, reenactments, dancing and music.) Some people take it to the extreme and do their version of a National Riot Day. I feel accomplished. My sector is kinda like the Compton of South America. Joke.. Kinda.

Well I guess I was mugged my first day in the Mission.. Robbed? Not sure what you want to call it. Haha we were just getting out of a taxi and walking down a street when some dude grabbed my companions hand and started asking for money.. I stood there for a second and then offered him like the equivalent of a quarter.. He took it and proceeded to give each of us a little punch to the estomago.. Haha then he turned around saying shhhhhhh and ran away. I don't know why but I thought it was really funny.. Like getting robbed? Seriously? The first day? Welcome to MaipĂș.

Anyways, thanks for everything! I love getting your emails and such every week. I wish I had more time to write about all of my experiences. I have so many great ones that just don't make the email cut because of time! Haha If you have something you want to send me, just talk to my mom. I'll probably accept it."

Hasta la proxima semana,
Elder Clegg

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