Thursday, September 25, 2014


The month of July was a blur. It was full of mission preparations, precious minutes spent with Hayden and still trying to run a household. In the process, I lost two sets of keys. Important keys (Sorry Bishop!) and the key to my cedar chest. I have yet to find either set. I attribute the mistake to my brain's inability to process all that was happening. Now that those two sets of keys are lost, I cannot get into the church, nor do I have access to my cedar chest. Hayden learned the importance of keys this week...except his story involves one set of literal keys and his set of Priesthood keys.

"Hellooooooo guys.

This week has honestly been the craziest week of my life. I don't even know where to begin.

So. We are opening a new sector. That's hard in it's own way.. for the first week of my mission I was sleeping on the ground of some other Elders' apartment, but we finally got to move into our sector and into our house this week.. Good thing, right? Haha nope. We get to our new house in the night and my trainer says.. I am scared. Great. So here I am with a scared trainer, and my first night in our new house. Right when we get there I find this little Jesus key on the door. It was creepy. Throughout the night we heard sounds like people trying to pick our lock.. things were turning on.. people walking around.. but when I would get up to go look, nobody would be there. Whatever. Said a prayer, dedicated the home.. All good right?

Night two. We get back to our house to find all the lights on.. Maybe we left them on? I don't know.. Haha but no. The light bulb in our room is unscrewed and left on my pillow.. and the toilet had just been flushed. We call people to see who was in our house, but can't find an answer. So we proceed to find footprints in the bathroom that don't match our shoes.. Nothing robbed.. Just somebody in our house while we are gone. I had to put my scared trainer to sleep another time? Since when do I not freak out in situations like this? I guess the mission changes you.

The next day.. Make sure everything is off, everything is locked, and set various little things so we can tell if somebody is coming in. Well, we get back to the apartment that night and all the lights are on. We go through the house to make sure nobody is still in there and call the district leader. Haha more creepy stuff had happened in our house, but while he was on the phone I discovered that the key was no longer on the Jesus keychain. SOMEONE HAD A KEY TO OUR HOUSE. Haha so we barricade the doors and are in bed.. The phone rings. My boy Elder Bangerter.. SV Grad.. saved the day! Haha they came and picked us up and we got moved from that house until they can change the lock.

I am back to sleeping on the floor.. but this time in Bangerter's apartment. It's so nice to talk to somebody from the valley!

I have had a pretty difficult start to the mission, but I am going to keep working hard. I doubt crazy things like this are going to keep happening. I hope for my Mom's sake they don't.. Haha I shouldn't tell these stories, but I just can't help it. I promise I am safe and have the Lord to protect me. The mission is tough, but if I can make it through this stuff at the start.. while opening a sector.. the mission is going to be a breeze.

Love you all,
Sleep well in your safe houses that don't have huge fences,
Elder Clegg.

The 3 P's people. Prayers, Packages, and Positive thinking. I just made that up! Haha wow."

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  1. Yikes! Those stories have to be told, for sure...but that's hard for a momma's heart and sanity. I hope he is done with stories like that for the rest of the mission :)