Thursday, September 18, 2014


Letters on a page, we've been taught, make up words. Words are combined to make sentences and sentences become paragraphs. This is how Hayden and many of us have been communicating. Technology makes this simple even. I am grateful for that. For many who know me, you know I am still somewhat old fashioned in my approach to writing. I prefer the real deal. Handwriting. Don't get me wrong, as I mentioned before I am so grateful for technology and the communication with our son that it provides. If given the choice, however, I will choose handwriting. It is such a representation of the individual. An intimate part of who they are. That is why, when I opened the attachment from Hayden's Mission President and immediately saw his handwritten letter, I cried. I cried because he took the time to write it. I cried because I felt Hayden for just a moment as I looked at that handwriting. I cried because I miss everything about our son and I felt like his handwriting was a gift. Then I read it and I cried even more because I got to read his hand written testimony.

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