Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pick a Team!

Taken from an April 1984 talk by Elder J. Thomas Fyans, "Who's on the Lord's Team?"

"We sing a hymn, “Who’s on the Lord’s side?” What does the word side mean? The definition of the word side is one of the contesting parties in a game or sport; one of a group of players; a team.

Based on this definition, the question “Who’s on the Lord’s side?” could appropriately be rephrased “Who’s on the Lord’s team?” Some of the lyrics that might be appropriately applied are:

Who’s on the Lord’s team? Who?
Now is the time to show;
We ask it fearlessly:
Who’s on the Lord’s team? Who?

We serve the living God,
And want his foes to know
That if but few, we’re great;
Who’s on the Lord’s team? Who?

We’re going on to win,
Nor fear must blanch the brow;
The Lord of hosts is ours;
Who’s on the Lord’s team? Who?"

Hayden has been in Chile for almost three months. He is strengthening his testimony and reaffirming his choice to be on the Lord's team. This week he found himself choosing a Chilean soccer team to cheer for...apparently it is a huge deal in Chile! Hopefully Hayden can help the people he's teaching to see that choosing to be on the Lord's team will bring eternal joy and happiness!

"Hi guys,

I hope you noticed that I fixed the number of weeks that I have been in the Mission. That is crazy that I am about to start my 13th week. I feel like its been about 6.5 days and 2314234123451345 years at the same time. The Mission has that effect on people.

It's weird to think about people from home... I have made so many new friends here in the Mission and all the people from home are just living the regular life. I forgot what an I-phone looks like. I literally don't even remember my phone number.. I don't remember my address.. What is gonna happen when I get home? I might forget which family I belong to and go home with the wrong family at the airport. I have 21 months to worry about trying to remember.

As far as interesting things happening.. John the Baptist baptized Jesus, but who baptized John the Baptist? That's right. Elder Clegg. Haha actually not yet, but we are working towards baptism with a guy named Juan El Bautista. I can't wait to put that on my resume.

My companion and I are starting to find lots of people to teach. Doors are starting to open, people are listening, and I couldn't be happier. The gospel really does change lives.

This week was the rivalry soccer game between the thug team Colo-Colo and the cool team LaU. You could say that I am a fan of Colo Colo. Haha not like missionaries ever watch, but you need to have a team down here. I prefer to talk to the more poor and a little bit more thug people because usually they are more humble. Plus, If you know the difference between Wiz Khalifa, Bob Marley, and Snoop Dog.. You can probably be their friends.
Long story short, Soccer Fans are crazy and Colo Colo won.. Like BYU vs. UTAH... That is nothing. These people go CRAZY.

The last thing I will say this week, is that I love Spanish. I think I am going to switch languages. I love learning it and speaking it. It is the coolest thing to be able to chat with people who 3 months ago, I would have walked right past them.

The Church is True, The Book is True. Keep me in your prayers! Thanks for all of the support.

Elder Clegg

PICTURE: We walked out of our house today to find a tiny little puppy.. It got in through the gap in our fence and it's name is Misericordia. I feel like if you mixed African American names and South American Names, that's what it would be. It means mercy in English. Sorry. Missionaries are weird."

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