Friday, October 3, 2014

Waves and Winds

Be still, my soul: The Lord is on thy side;
With patience bear thy cross of grief or pain.
Leave to thy God to order and provide;
In ev'ry change he faithful will remain.
Be still, my soul: Thy best, thy heav'nly Friend
Thru thorny ways leads to a joyful end.

Be still, my soul: Thy God doth undertake
To guide the future as he has the past.
Thy hope, thy confidence let nothing shake;
All now mysterious shall be bright at last.
Be still, my soul: The waves and winds still know
His voice who ruled them while he dwelt below.

Be still, my soul: The hour is hast'ning on
When we shall be forever with the Lord,
When disappointment, grief, and fear are gone,
Sorrow forgot, love's purest joys restored.
Be still, my soul: When change and tears are past,
All safe and blessed we shall meet at last.

"Hi guys.

This week was much more calm. Haha I don´t have many scary stories to tell you this week. Sorry! I´ll try harder to have terrifying experiences more often.

Oh here´s one! I remembered. Haha one night we were walking back to our house and some lady starts to talk to us.. Well it turns out that she is hopped up on drugs and saying "Yo quiero matarme y mis niños. Yo levantame cada mañana con pena y cortas en mi piel. Hay algo mal en mi casa." I´ll let you figure out what that means, because I don´t want to write about it in English.. Anyways we were like, don´t do anything. We will be back in 10 minutes.. So we took of running as fast as we could to the Bishop's house.. He wasn´t there, but we ended up finding another priesthood leader and two other missionaries. We returned to the house to give a blessing and dedicate the home.. During the dedication she passed out and it was either a really big show, drugs, or something really really bad was kicked out of the house. The mission has made me a believer in the other side...

That night we got back to our house and I was still feeling a little off. We decided to sing a hymn. "Be Still My Soul" was our choice and I found a line in it that I love, "The waves and winds still know his voice, who ruled them while he dwelt below."

This is true. Christ not only died for our sins, but he knows us personally. He is the perfect example. Knowing that he knows exactly what we are going through and that he has felt the same way we are feeling has been the biggest boost to my testimony. Whatever we go through in life can´t be bad.. "The mission isn´t easy, because salvation isn´t a cheap experience." - Elder Holland

Life isn´t always gong to be easy, but it´s not always going to be hard. I love the comfort that the gospel brings to my life. I love being able to watch it change lives. I love knowing that the mission is exactly where I need to be. It´s so cool to think about all my friends out serving the Lord in their own way, in their own place.

The church is true guys! I wish I had more time to share my experiences with you. 1 hour is really short with a foreign keyboard."

Elder Clegg

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