Thursday, October 30, 2014

Keep the Change

"Don't be afraid to change. You may lose something good, but you may gain something better." Author unknown

The way Mike and I approach our finances is very similar. We have common goals and our marriage has benefitted from it. What we don't have in common is how we treat our spare change. I try to get rid of mine, which results in me counting out change at the
cash register whenever possible. I'm sure it drives people crazy who are in line behind me! Mike will consistently pay with dollar bills and then he ends up with change. Every time. He throws it in a cup in his truck or stores it in his pants pocket for me to find as it spills to the floor on laundry day. Neither way is right. Neither way is wrong.

Hayden is dealing with an entirely different type of change. His whole life has changed. I have to remind myself of this every day. His schedule, language, surroundings, climate, social group, diet and wardrobe are all different than three months ago. But...he wouldn't have it any other way. He is happy and feeling joy he never knew, as he watches people change their lives! Here he is this week...

"Hey I have bad news. I forgot how to change the subject line again.

Oh also to make something clear... I didn't keep the dog from last week. Even though I wanted to. We actually left it in the street... Sorry little sisters. That's what we were told to do... But don´t worry Aubrey. It is living in Doggy paradise. Haha

Well, this week was awesome. When we arrived in our sector, the first week we managed to teach 5 lessons. This week we taught 36. So opening the sector is going great! It feels so good to see growth.

We have several investigators with baptismal dates! High school was dang fun. I love my friends and family, but never in my life have I felt better than when somebody is really willing to change. It´s like a different feeling of happy. I thought I had an idea of what it would be like, but nope. You have to go on a Mission to experience it. Sorry everybody!

The only hard part is that it is HOTTTT down here. HOT. You walk outside and feel like death. So that is fun!

Halloween is coming up! You´ll never guess what my costume is. I think I am gonna wear a name tag or something and pass out books. That will be so fun! Haha I hope you guys all have a great time. Make sure to not eat all your candy, because I think this guy behind me ate all of his for the next 4 years. That poor chair.

Haha life down here is good. I can´t complain. The only bad thing is that the garbage men aren´t very friendly. They like to walk past and wave guns in your face.. That was an interesting experience.. Haha I only tried to help him by throwing something in his truck.. Not everybody likes service.

Well, time for another week. If you guys have time, I would read Jacob 4: 4-13 when you get a chance. It really gave me a boost when I needed it this week."

Love Yall!
Elder Clegg

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