Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Power to Promise

This is actually Hayden's letter from last week. I'm a bit behind...

I've made some pretty important promises throughout my life. I promised to keep the commandments, serve others and take upon myself Jesus Christ's name when I was baptized. I've also made promises in the temple and to Mike. I've promised to not tell important secrets when friends and family confided in me. On several occasions, I've promised not to ruin surprises and Mom, I'm forever sticking to my promise that I did not hide food behind the washer and dryer to save for later...
Hayden has an experience in his letter that has had me thinking a lot about promises and the power they carry.

"This week was pretty dang great! Like after Colo Colo.. (like the Oakland Raiders of Soccer).. lost the championship, there was a dude that drove past our house shooting a gun out the window! First time I have seen that.

Also, directing the sector hasn`t been as hard as I originally thought it would be. We had a lot of good things happen this week. My new comp, Elder Figueroa, speaks Spanish. He is hispanic.. So we were passing by some of the people Elder Fisher and I stopped visiting, just to see if they would progress with a new missionary.. I had the strongest prompting to go by this dude named Josè! Elder Fisher and I looked over him really bad... He doesn`t hear very well.. And doesn`t understand when gringos talk in Spanish.. but long story short.. He has read the Book of Mormon since we stopped going by, went to church with us, and is getting baptized on the 21st!

Also, Patricìa is doing great! She is gonna be baptized this week. We have always been told that as missionaries, we have the power to promise things.. So when we first met Patricìa, she had been without work for a year and a half..! So we promised her that if she made the decision to be baptized, she would be able to get work..and she got a job!! This is a lady that at one point tried to give us her BOM back, but now.. She wants to be baptized and is more active in the church than most of the members!

Oh and hey.. another miracle. I REALLY had to go to the bathroom.. but we were a good mile and a half from our house.. I was about to have some serious problems.. So I said a prayer! Haha then right as I ended my prayer.. My investigator Danny was behind us in his car and saved me. Haha prayer works. I promise you guys that if you need something, don`t be afraid to ask for it!

No pictures this week.. but I really wanted one with this drunk dude that had just about the sickest hair I have ever seen. This man is a miracle in himself.. In the 5 minutes we talked to him, he drank 2 liters of beer.. He had 3 more bottles that size. What a legend."

Elder Clegg

It sounds like I'd better promise to send Danny his favorite treat or something. He saved Hayden from what could have been a REALLY BAD DEAL...

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