Monday, December 29, 2014

Feliz Navidad!

This is Hayden's letter from last week. I'm late in getting it published. I'll post about the Skype Christmas call. I promise!

"Hello everyone!

This week was fetching crazy. Haha we had a few Christmas activities and they were way fun!! I love to be around all the other missionaries. I imagine my type of Christmas this year is way different.. We have had BBQ`s, played basketball, and sang in Spanish.

Oh, and let me tell ya a crazy little story.. We were out knocking doors.. or rather yelling at the doors because every single house here has a fence crazier than a military base.. Oh and within every fence there are like 7 million dogs.. These particular dogs were barking way loud.. So I was like, "Hey, it`s probably a good idea to spray these three pit bulls with water so they will be quiet and I can hear if somebody is home.." Well anyways. That I did.. Then next thing ya know this huge gangster dude runs out of his house screaming.. In English and Spanish.. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING? WANT ME TO KILL YOU?" Haha so we were pretty scared but then he tried to punch me through the fence.. That`s when we got the clue that running might be a good idea. Sooo...we took off! Good thing I am not that fat yet because this dude left the fence and started to chase us! Haha we were ducking through allies and sprinting through side streets until we felt like we had lost him. Then we ran to this ripped dude's house and taught him the importance of Christmas. Did I mention this guys lives two houses away from us? Haha but it`s cool. He saw us again and didn`t do anything.

Even crazier.. For like the first time I realized.. Dang. It`s Christmas. I am not with my fam. This is weird. Well I walked outside and IT WAS SNOWING. Little tiny flakes of frozen mist. Barely noticeable, but yes.. It snowed. Yes that is a miracle for me. Yes I was really happy, because if ya didn`t know.. Chile isn`t the coldest place during the summer!

Oh, and a pipe broke right outside our house and sent a river in the streets.. Pic..

I saw one cat and two dogs get eaten by other dogs.

We have 8 baptismal dates right now and I LOVE MY SECTOR AND COMP!

Other than that.. We have just been celebrating a bit here and there with the missionaries and members. Christmas time is the best. It doesn`t even matter where you are, who you`re with, or what you`re doing! Try to remember a bit more than just The Birth of Christ. Try to remember what He did for every single person.

Alma 7: 10 y 12

I hope you all have a great Christmas! I can`t wait to talk to my family. Hope they still remember me and that I can still speak in English..

Merry Christmas!

Elder Clegg


They have big hot dogs here. Se llaman completos.

I wrapped lights around myself because it was snowing!!

We flooded the road for like 5 miles.. It wasn`t us! It was our neighbors.. but everyone thought it was us!"

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