Friday, December 5, 2014

Staying Put

Transfers occurred this week and Hayden is staying put! He is excited to be able to stay in the sector that he and Elder Fisher worked so hard to open. Apparently Elder Fisher is off to be a Zone Leader! Hayden has a new companion and much work to do.

Call me a mean Mom, but I have giggled all week about the fact that the day Hayden wrote this email, we woke up to 3 inches of new snow. Read on and you can laugh with me!


Haha I just came from my second Reunion de Cambios.. That means that I finished my training! So that is cool.. However, my life just got drilled with responsibility!

Haha my Companion, Elder Fisher, got sent to a different sector.. So that is gonna be hard. He was an absolute machine at working. I got a new comp, Elder Figueroa. Yeah even though the name doesn´t seem like it.. He is from Utah. Haha I have only had gringos from Utah as companions so far! He only has like 5 months in the mission and I have 3.. So that is a very freaking young companionship! He is really happy though. I like happy people! Haha

I hope that I can keep up what Elder Fisher and I started, I now have to direct the sector every day! It`s gonna be an adventure. Elder Fisher and I went from 6 lessons in the first week.. 0 investigators.. To 48 lessons in our last week.. With lots baptisms waiting! Haha so needless to say, in the start.. I hated life, but in the end.. Elder Fisher and I got along really well! It was sad to see him go.

Here is my first huge mission miracle. Danny. He has been such a blessing! Haha he is 25 years old and SO receptive. His baptism should have been last week, but like any other flighte.. (Thugish person), he might have to wait. He told us that he had a dream that two angels came to him and offered him a book.. and that they spoke a different type of Spanish.. Then the next day, we showed up with a BOM. He is converted. He stopped drinking and smoking, has read through Alma, and is sharing the gospel with his friends...IN 3 WEEKS. God works in mysterious ways. Maybe I won`t be able to be the missionary that baptizes him, but I have had the absolute pleasure of teaching him!

I am super excited to keep working here in Nueva San Martin! Haha life is good.

Have a good one. If it`s snowing. I hate you all."

Elder Clegg

"Pics.. Danny!! (Yellow Shirt) Carlos.. (Gonna be baptized).. My district as of this last week... New companion (Edler Figueroa)"

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