Thursday, December 18, 2014

White Christmas

When Hayden got his call to Chile, we started to do research about life down there. We learned a lot. One thing I remember thinking is... "It will be summer in Chile at Christmas time..." Now I see this as a tender mercy from Heavenly Father. He knew that it would be super tough on Hayden to be around lots of snow at Christmas time. I am amazed at the blessings God gives us because He knows us so well. Despite being summer in Chile, Hayden is still enjoying a white Christmas. Take a look at the picture from this week and you'll see why!


Holy Cow. I have been out for 20 weeks! Somebody told me that today. I have lost track of time down here. Oh, and all you guys are full of crap. It is not Christmas time. There is no snow and the Mall Santa Claus was just speaking in Spanish. I think he has the gift of tongues.

Well, this past week was the best of my mission. My card reader doesn`t work, so I can`t send pictures yet.. butttt I had the chance to baptize Patricia. It was something that I won't be forgetting anytime soon! It just makes everything worth it. After it was done and I was changing.. I just started crying! Haha man I am a baby, but it was one of the most spiritual experiences that I have ever had in my life. In one month, the gospel has changed her life completely! After our first visit, she told us that she didn`t want anything and tried to give the Book of Mormon back.. but we just sat on her doorstep for a minute testifying about what it had done for our lives and she decided to give it a second chance. This second chance is going to change her life, and the life of her family forever. Her mom and daughter should be getting baptized the 3rd of January!

Apart from that I don`t really know what else to say. Life is good. We are finding, teaching, and baptizing right now. Chile for life!

I did divisions with our Zone Leader, Elder Johnson this week. He is such a stud! Haha well this Chilean just fixed my card reader. I think he wanted me to pay him or something!

Oh, and don`t eat Chilean Chinese food... That is just asking to mess yourself up! My companion and I got destroyed because we tried to celebrate a little on Saturday night.. Those are two countries that don`t mix.. but I will tell you one thing. Elder Didericksen is right...Everybody in South America listens to Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle. Even a Chinese dude working in Chile.. who only speaks Chinese.. he knows that song.

I hope you are all well! Have a Merry Christmas season y'all."

Elder Clegg

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