Thursday, February 19, 2015

6,940 Days...

This Saturday, I will have known Hayden for 6,940 days. That is the day he turns 19. Almost 7,000 days ago, that little baby boy made me a Mom. And since then, it has been my privilege to get to know him. He is easy going, tender-hearted and oh, so witty! I know he will pass his birthday doing what he loves...teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. My prayer is that he will feel our love across the miles, mountains and millions of people. I pray he will have a tender mercy left in his path so he can know just how much we love and miss him. I pray he makes his 19th year a good one as he continues in his service. There is an awfully good chance I won't see my son for his 19th year (if all goes according to the plan). That is tough on our hearts, but we wouldn't want it any other way. Neither would he. Happy Birthday my beautiful boy...I've never been more proud to call you son.

"Hey, I'll be 19.. Would ya look at that?

Haha I honestly have no idea how I am emailing again! The time is passing so fast I can´t even believe it.

Thanks for all the Birthday messages and such!

This week not all that much ghetto stuff happened. So that is kind of sad! However, I had the funniest experience of my life. We were walking in the street and this drunk dude on a bike wearing a Red-Bull shirt comes swerving up to us.. Then he just starts to go on and on about life.. The normal drunk guy deal.. Haha then he busts out the funniest line I have ever heard.. Haha "Ya know.. I believe in God. Like every time I see a pregnant woman I just think to myself.. There´s a %*$#&%* human inside of that person." Haha I laughed so hard I started crying. Like I couldn't even come close to containing myself.

I have basically no time to send pictures or anything this week.. So that stinks! Haha I´ve got some winners!

This week was super good as far as teaching goes.. We had a couple confirmations.. but my comp and I taught almost 50 lessons this week. Haha we had 14 lessons in one day...which is a flipping crazy number! The work is so good here in OchagavĂ­a.. If you can find people that are married and don´t do drugs.. They get baptized.

Thanks for all the love and support! I won´t be so lame next week!

Elder Clegg"

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