Friday, February 13, 2015

Help somebody realize it!

Elder Clegg is doing well this week! He is progressing and working hard. It reminded me of the quote I sent him in my last email. It is from the talk, "Sacrifice in the Service", by Harold G. Hillam.

"Let me tell you of four who served their missions long ago. They were Ammon, Aaron, Omner, and Himni, sons of Mosiah, the king. They had become so powerfully converted they wanted everyone to hear the gospel message.

The four missionary sons of Mosiah did not choose the easy course. Their choice was neither convenient, nor popular: They gave up the kingship. 'Mosiah had no one to confer the kingdom upon' (Mosiah 28:10)—they were all on missions. Serving a mission wasn’t necessarily accepted. They were ridiculed even by other members of the Church.

Why have these great missionaries and others like them been willing to sacrifice the comforts of home, family, and loved ones to answer the call to serve? It’s because they have a testimony of Jesus Christ. And when they know Him, there is no bed too short or too hard, no climate too hot or too cold, no food too different or language so strange that they are unwilling to serve Him. No sacrifice is too great to serve the Master, who sacrificed His all to provide the way for His brothers and sisters to return home to their Heavenly Father. And because they are faithful to their callings, thousands will revere their names throughout the eternities."

All I can say to that is, "Amen!"


I guess when somebody yells LA PLANCHA.. (The Iron) Everybody runs into their house and hides because that means the cops are coming! Haha ya just learn something new every day!

This week went by REALLY fast. It is true that after your six month mark.. The time flies. I felt like I blinked and here I am writing again!

It was a flipping good week! We saw double the amount of people in the church this week.. We had another baptism.. I can´t complain! The mission is pretty dang cool!

Manuel was baptized by a less active member that we reactivated. It was a really neat experience!

My email is gonna be pretty normal this week.. because.. It was a pretty normal week.

Out of time!

The Church is true! Help somebody realize that.

Elder Clegg

Filling the font.. My favorite activity!


Pics of my sector.. Pretty much we have straight up apartment buildings and humble little houses..lots of dust.. lots of drugs.. and I get to knock all sorts of doors and talk in a foreign language to whomever comes out!"

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