Thursday, March 19, 2015

Random Thoughts

We have learned that Hayden sends the majority of his emails through computers at internet cafes. He has told us about the loud music playing, the crazy people typing next to him and the fact that the shop owner can close his business when he feels like it. That being said, I think those situations create stressful circumstances while he is typing. Then he ends up sending out random emails, like this one...

"Hey ya´ll,

I am not sure how I always end up with no time, but this week was really crazy.

I have a new hobby.. taking pictures of dogs with underbites. It is the best thing I do.. besides baptize people! Haha

My sector is still super ghetto.

I am still the only white person in my sector.

My comp is a stud. He came out of his shell this week! Haha training is a blast!

This will go down as the worst email in the history of mission emails.

I am having spiritual experiences! I promise.

I had the worst idea in my entire life. My sector went crazy after the rivalry soccer game.. There I was in the middle of it handing out cookies to ward members and inviting them to church. Haha all the drunk dudes wanted my cookies. I didn´t give them cookies. They got mad at me.

Hope all is well at home."


Elder Clegg

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