Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Underbites 2.0

Hayden continues with his quest to find pictures of dogs with underbites. It also sounds like they found a family of ten to teach!!

Hayden is staying busy with all his missionary duties. He says his cooking skills are coming along nicely. I challenged him to a bake-off when he gets home.
My money is on the Chilean-dog-photographer/Betty-Crocker-master.


I have been so excited to send everybody the pictures of these dogs. Next week will feature farm animals in the city.

This week went by super fast! Whoever said that the mission passes by fast.. was right. I didn´t believe it for my first couple changes, but I am sure of it now.

The teaching is super good. We found a family of 10 that is super prepared. It is gonna be hard to get them to church because they work on Sunday, but I believe in miracles. We have a dude named Carlos that is a beast. He drove us into the center of Santiago to go to a devotional. I have a ton of Haitians in my sector. They are awesome. Less active members are super hard, but I love working with them.

I only live with my comp...sometimes it gets a little old. Most missionaries live with 4, but it´s all good! We get along well! I put in a pic of my house.

As far as funny things go.. Well, I pretty much laugh the whole time here because the people are so funny! Like on Sunday Morning when we are walking around looking for people to go to church.. we get to talk to all the drunk people who didn´t go to bed. Hahaha I live for that.

My sister is driving the truck. Pray for her everyone. Pray for my truck as well."

Love you all,

Elder Clegg"

The dogs...

Hayden's living quarters

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