Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Matter of Perspective

"Hey all,

This past week was flipping crazy! Turns out that training is a little harder than you'd think! I am training a 24 year old from Guatemala! Haha I am in one of the most ghetto parts of Santiago and he is just like, "Wow this is really nice." So I guess there could always be worse places.

I had my Birthday. That was fun. Thanks all for the wishes and such!

We had 17 inactive members come to the church this week.. So that was a miracle! Haha we have a few baptisms planned for the next week! So the teaching is super great right now!

Funny story... Haha I had to go get my Chilean Identity card this week! So that means going from my sector, one of the poorest parts.. to one of the richer parts of Santiago. Anyways.. I was waiting in one of the government buildings and there were a bunch of foreign exchange students from the U.S.. There were these three girls from California in line in front of us and they were just like. "OH MY GOSH. I hear you have to keep your hand on your phone at all times. I also hear that if you do stupid things.. you get kidnapped." They went ON AND ON AND ON. I was with another gringo elder for the day and we asked them.. "Where do you guys live?" Haha they live in like the richest part of Santiago. Which is way safer than even Logan, I think. We died laughing. Like I almost peed my pants. Then we showed them pictures of our sectors and they shut up real fast.

Haha that was a really long story, but I guess ya had to be there! I love the mission! I´m happy! Hope you all are doing super well at home. This church is so very true!

Have a good week."

Elder Clegg

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