Thursday, June 4, 2015

Short and Sweet

Hayden had email issues this week.  He wasn't able to send out a group email.  I got a short and sweet one.  Here is a little part of it.  We hope to hear more details this coming week.

Also, for those of you with a Facebook account, you can go to my timeline and watch the video of Hayden meeting Elder Baten for the first time.  (The Mission President's wife posts these sweet videos for us.)   I tried and tried to get it posted on this blog, but I couldn't do it.  Anyone who knows how to do such a thing is welcome to come and give me a little inservice.

"I am doing way well. The members feed us super well. We have been
working with Haitians a lot. There is a family of 6 that is gonna get
baptized.. but it might happen in a different ward, because they are

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