Thursday, April 30, 2015

One More

In our neck of the woods (the Clegg home), the phrase "one more" is usually referring to Oreos, games of PIG, a TV show or a round of checkers. In Elder Clegg's neck of the woods, "one more" made all the difference in his week.

"Hello All,

I am loving life. The mission is super cool because you don`t have to worry about dumb stuff. Once a week I get to speak in English and hear what`s going down, but otherwise, we are completely involved in other peoples problems.

I haven`t spoken in English for 5 months. I don`t have anybody to speak English to.. I am gonna come home real great at speaking.

This week we had a bunch of miracles. We were knocking doors for 3 nights straight. Every night we said.. "One More" then knocked and three nights in a row.. we found families to teach. When we found one of them, they were like "FIRE UP THE GRILL, WE`VE GOT COMPANY." I started laughing so hard and then we couldn`t eat because we had to be home on time.

We are gonna have some more baptisms soon. Chile is the place.

If you wanna love the Book of`ve just gotta read in Mosiah!


Elder Clegg"

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