Thursday, June 25, 2015

Left Behind

We are learning a lot about having a missionary out.  I am getting to be a pro at sending international mail and packages. We are learning a little bit of Spanish. We are finding ways to increase faith in the gospel.  And we are learning that life has to carry on, even when you have a missionary out serving.   That means family trips, traditions and outings still happen.  Mike and I are celebrating 25 years of marriage this month and he surprised us with a trip to Hawaii.  It was difficult to go without Hayden and I think he was feeling a little "left behind".  I suppose he can now sympathize with us because we are all feeling a little "left behind" compared to the spiritual growth and experiences he is having overall.  (But maybe not as much this week.)

"Hey Ya`ll,

I am just here to tell you about this week. That was just about the exact same as last week! 

Only on a mission can you take 10 investigators to an activity on Saturday night, then on Sunday morning nobody shows up.  Haha but La Familia Gabriel is super close to baptism! 

My family is in Hawaii.. I am in.. La Villa Francia. Most beautiful place on earth.  If you look really closely, you might find a wall without graffiti on it! Haha really though. I love the mission!

We have had to come in early this week. Chile is doing well in "La Copa America"!  We went and watched all the crazies from the roof of our apartment building....whenever they get a goal it is pretty dang cool! Everybody looses their minds. 

In all honesty, the mission is great. I wake up every day, and know exactly what I need to do. Then I do it.. then I go to bed. Haha that is a recipe for time to go by so fast! 

You can all hate me for boring emails if you want, but I am not all that down to share spiritual experiences through email!  Trust me, there are lots of them! 

Love you guys, 
Elder Clegg"

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