Wednesday, July 15, 2015


I absolutely love that Hayden still has his sense of humor.  This week's email made me laugh out loud!  We look forward to hearing his jokes in a little over a YEAR!!!

"Well I had nothing else to put as a subject, so I took the name off of a lost dog flyer. If you guys have seen Curl, probably call his owner Pedro. He`s really worried and has a reward. 

This week was great! We found 3 families to teach... They are even married. That`s a crazy, rare thing. We've been getting so many blessings for our ward. It`s been a little harder to baptize in this sector.. but I feel like they are all gonna come at once! We have the people, now we just have to get them in the water. 

My mom always tells me to tell spiritual experiences, so I will! Haha we contacted ALL day yesterday.. In the rain.. and it was one of those days that makes you want to hop on a plane and fly to Africa or Brazil and find somebody to baptize.. but then we got into an apartment complex.. and started to knock.  It`s ALWAYS THE LAST DOOR. We were about to go home, but decided to try one more door. It just so happened to be a super prepared family. That happened like every day this week. 

Only in Chile do the members fast for rain and then not come to church the next day when it rains. Haha that thought hit me this week and it was like.. WOW. We have to try to remember who gave us everything.. and the moment we get what we want, we can't forget Him. 

That probably made no sense, but it`s all good! 

I grilled some meat on the roof of our tower today. We suck at cooking, but dang the view was nice. 

Let me know if anybody finds Curl or if they find out why he's named Curl in the first place. 

Elder Clegg"

I couldn't resist...

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