Thursday, January 7, 2016


So I have this SUPER cool story to tell you.

Last week I had this.......and then I ended up needing to.......all the while I couldn't help but think........and then I had to go to.......!!  Can you believe it?
This is exactly how I feel after reading Hayden's email this week.  Remember a few posts back when I mentioned something about change in the mission being inevitable and certain...well, this week that could not be more true.  Hayden is being transferred three weeks into a change.  (The potential to be transferred usually comes up every six weeks in his mission.)  Now, we have no idea where he is going and who is going to be his companion.  We have no details, except for the fact that he got evacuated from his apartment and that he was transferred.  He has his bags packed and is awaiting further instructions.  I guess we get to play, "Guess where Hayden ended up?" for the next week.

At least he sounds like he is keeping a positive attitude!

"Hey Guys! 

It`s been a crazy week. We got emergency taken out of our pension this past week.. So that was fun sleeping on the floor basically. 

I got surprise transferred in the middle of the change! So I don`t know what sector I`ll be in tomorrow! I`m pretty bummed. I saw so many miracles here in 5 de Abril. I loved my new comp even though I only had him for like 3 weeks!  We were super good buds! He`s the only other missionary who knows who Kendrick and ASAP are.. So we had fun churchifying rap songs in the street. 

New Years we got to sleep in a little bit again!  Buena Buena.

Looks like I`ll be saying goodbye to the Haitians. I love them so much. They are the coolest people in the whole world! Everybody give Rolando a hug for me! Haha! 

We gonna bap the world!  Haha I`m pumped to see where I end up.

Love y`all! 
Elder Clegg"

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