Thursday, January 21, 2016

Goats and Stuff

There was no group email this week, but in his email to me, Hayden describes his new area a little more.  I'm glad he is seeing a different side of Santiago.  I included some images of Talagante I found on Google.  Those are some cute Chilean goats!

"I´ve seen some goats and stuff, so that´s pretty cool. I´ve also seen some cows and the members give us a lot more food. It´s super pretty out here so that´s awesome. Chile is honestly a lot like Utah when you´re in the country. The city I'm in now reminds me a lot of Logan! 

It´s a bit cooler compared to my last area, but it´s still hot as blazes.  My sector is still cityish.  I´m in the center of Talagante, but it´s a lot more green and stuff.  I went out to the boonies this week with the kid I trained...Elder Montero and we went on a division.  He´s in a very famous sector in the mission called Bollenar.  It´s in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE!  It was fun because I got to ride a bike. I was jumping and doing wheelies the whole time, haha!  Funnest day I've had in a while, but it would be horrible to be on bike always."

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